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9 minute read7 Ways to Use TPM as Part of Your IT Strategy

Whether your business made $1000 dollars or $1 million last year, there are always improvements to be made. Strategic IT planning is one of the most important aspects of being an IT leader and can propel your business to success. 

Using third-party maintenance (TPM) is a well-kept secret to the success of an IT strategy. But what makes a good IT strategy, to begin with, and why is it so important?

Why you need a good IT Strategy

Having a good IT strategy is important regardless of the size of your company. You could be a small start-up or a large enterprise, a well-planned strategy is very important.

Dictate a path for your company

You cannot walk blindly and hope to fall into success, which means your business will never succeed without a plan. Good IT strategies are essentially a guide. This guide will show you exactly where you should be and at what time

Business Path

One good idea is to plan one to five years into the future. This will help you to have goals and meet them.

Create a focus

Any successful company requires a focus. Focus is exactly what creating a good strategy will help to accomplish. Not only does it establish a direction for your company, but it will help you to understand your focus as a whole team.

Improve your self-understanding

When you take the time to develop a thorough strategy, your business will have a better awareness of what it is doing well, and what it needs to improve upon. Creating a good IT strategy will also help you to truly understand your success, both compared to competitors and on its own. 

Motivating for employees

Having a strategic plan is not just great for your bottom line, but also great for motivating your employees. This way everyone has something to work towards, and goals to achieve. 

Clear goals and objectives, as well as a specific mission, is great for morale and shows employees their efforts matter.

What makes a good IT Strategy

Great IT strategies should consider your business’s demands and how your strategy can be implemented to meet your needs.


Any strategy needs to be understandable. This means that you need to fully outline your goals as a company.


Every person should have a task and personal focus. This allows everyone on the team to be working on important areas of the collective goal.

Solidified budget

One of the most important aspects of a good IT strategy is a solidified budget. This is where TPM can come in. By using TPM, rather than an expensive OEM maintenance plan, you will be able to free up some of your IT budget for other things you need.

Leveraging Resources

IT resources are typically limited and short-term initiatives were created to help conserve those resources. 

What’s the purpose of IT strategy

Essentially, the purpose of an IT strategy is to define the Who, What, Where, Why, and When of your company. By creating a clear direction and budget, you will have a better idea of how to achieve your goals. Defining the steps on how to make your vision come true is the key to success.

IT Strategy

Where is your company today?

  • Goals of the business?
  • What does your technology service portfolio look like?
  • What challenges do you face?

Where does your company want to be?

  • What do you want to achieve in the future?
  • What is stopping you from reaching your goals, and how do you overcome that?

How is your company planning to get there?

  • What partners should you be looking for?
  • What resources do you need to add?
  • What is going to change in order to reach your goals?

How TPM meshes with the rest of your company’s IT strategy

The basis of any IT strategy should be to save money, create a clearer vision, and be more efficient. By implementing the help of a TPM, you will be able to fully support your IT strategy. TPM providers help you save money, offer better customer service, and are in the business of serving you. 

Why TPM is necessary

TPM (third party maintenance) is a hardware support service that is provided by a different company than that of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

TPM offers hardware support for your server, storage, and network equipment. This is especially important to have if your equipment is EOL, EOSL, or nearing these stages.


#1 Saves you money

The best benefit of using a TPM provider instead of an OEM is that you will save money. Part of your IT strategy should include proper budgeting in order to produce savings. That is what TPM will help you with, give you access to cheaper hardware.

When you choose to work with a TPM, if they are good at what they do, then they will have access to cheaper hardware than an OEM. 

#2 Streamlined support

Using a TPM provider allows you to have one single point of contact for all of your maintenance needs. It allows you to avoid having to go between contact points as you might need to do with an OEM.

#3 More options

TPM is the opposite of the OEM. TPM can unlock your hardware from support limitations to boost equipment longevity, even for EOL (end-of-life) products.

TPM also allows you to have more customized options. Rather than a one-size-fits-all model, you are offered specific attention, and customized choices tailored to your business’s needs. 

#4 Allows you to think to the future

When you use TPM as your post-warranty support it allows you to plan for the future. Using TPM lets you look years down the road and prepare for anything that might affect your business.

#5 Extend the life of your technology

Sometimes you might find that your OEM declares your equipment EOL or EOSL. At this point, it will no longer be available for sale, and will also not be able to receive service from the manufacturer. Typically, your OEM will then begin to push you to purchase new equipment.

Third-party maintenance providers can help you to extend the life of your equipment, rather than adhere to what your OEM decides. Third-party maintenance providers will continue to support your equipment, thus extending its life until you decide to upgrade.

#6 Experienced technicians and engineers

If you use a mix of different service equipment, there is a high chance that you are using equipment from multiple manufacturers. OEM service offerings typically won’t provide support for any equipment besides their own.

This is a problem because then you will be forced to juggle multiple providers. Reputable third-party maintenance providers should consist of technicians that are experts in multiple manufacturers.

Your TPM provider should also be able to offer you top-level guidance on what to do regardless of the situation you are facing.

#7 Greater product availability

Product availability is huge when it comes to developing a strategy for your business. If you do not know what products you will have available, or you simply have fewer products available to you, then your vision might go out the window.  

Most TPM providers are able to find and source parts quickly when needed. This way you will have fewer delays, and avoid spending more than your IT budget allows.

All around better support

Focus on the vision for your business. Using a TPM offers a huge amount of benefits when implementing it as part of your IT strategy. Reduce costs, gain more flexibility in what coverage you are offered, and budget properly. 

Implementing TPM in IT strategy allows you to stop being tied down to your OEMs schedule, and instead, gain more control of your equipment’s life cycle. 

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Todd Bennett

by Todd Bennett

Todd leads a team of expert IT consultants, helping customers around the world with their data center hardware, maintenance, and support needs, providing uptime, capacity, and savings options to enable IT and Procurement teams to do more with their existing budgets. Todd has been in enterprise technology for more than 30 years.

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