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7 minute read5 Pain Points of OEM Support (and how to solve them!)

Discover below how third-party maintenance can solve the Biggest Pain Points of OEM support

Third-party maintenance can provide better options for your data center environment, with solutions that work on your terms, timeline, and budget.

Do you have support challenges that the OEM doesn’t solve?

1. High Support Costs

Has the OEM cost to maintain your server, storage, or networking equipment steadily increased with each support renewal?

Once your hardware hits the 3-year mark, it’s typical to get sticker shock when you receive your renewal quote for OEM support. It’s a common tactic to push you to purchase new equipment.

If you are considering replacing your current hardware with newer systems, keep in mind the additional costs of a refresh:

  • The time it takes to meet with vendors, negotiate, and buy what you need
  • The time and resources needed to install new systems and migrate data
  • The people and project management needed to move to the new technology
  • The cost to maintain, and eventually, dispose of the older system

A fast option is to keep your current data center hardware supported, and there are better alternatives to the OEM.

Skip sky-high support pricing and the pressure to refresh with a third-party maintenance plan.

Third-party maintenance from Reliant Technology can provide gap coverage for however long you need it, and can also save you 50% or more on your next support renewal.

2. Lack of Flexible Support Terms

Does your OEM support give you the ability to customize your support agreement, with the terms that work best for you?

You might be locked-in to a 3 or 5-year contract when you really just need short-term coverage. You also don’t want to feel stuck paying for a premium level support agreement (and price) on all of your hardware, when some of your data center hardware might only need a Next Business Day or break-fix SLA.

Do you have several data center equipment brands in your infrastructure? For example, you might have EMC storage, Dell servers, and Cisco switches, all of which have a separate OEM support contract.

Third-party maintenance gives you the flexibility to customize your data center support to your specific environment. You should also look for a third-party partner that can provide you access to a customer portal, so you can receive full visibility and management of all your contract details.

Ditch the “one size fits all” mentality of the OEM and get short-term support options with third-party maintenance, with flexible contracts from 1-36 months. Consolidate and co-term all your assets on one contract to simplify your multi-vendor support, and choose your service level per asset, all under one contract.

3. Long Response Times

Is the OEM just not giving you the response time that you need?

When it comes to support, it’s frustrating to feel like you’re not the priority, especially when you are waiting on a key part replacement, installation, or an onsite technician to resolve an issue.

OEM support contracts are full of confusing verbiage, contingencies, and fine print that make it hard to hold the OEM accountable to expectations and to know when they will deliver on their promise, from installation to replacement parts and onsite support.

Third-party maintenance can not only offer you the same SLAs as the OEM, but you’ll receive clear upfront deliverables on your support. From 24x7x4 to 9×5 Next Business Day service, you’ll get a dedicated account manager and quick access to senior level engineers for faster support resolutions.

Third-party maintenance partners offer:

  • Fast Quoting: Ask a third-party provider for a competitive quote on your next support renewal. Typically, you’ll receive a quote within 24 hours to get a clear picture of how much you can save by switching from OEM to third-party support.
  • Overnight Parts Delivery: Need a replacement part right away? With forward stocking locations and the ability to ship overnight parts to any location across the country, third-party support can give you the response time you need.
  • Onsite Spares: Many third-party partners can also provide onsite spares, so you can rest easy knowing you have parts on hand.

4. No EOL or EOSL Hardware Support

Frustrated by the lack of options for your data center post-warranty support?

When the OEM declares your equipment as EOL or EOSL, their support options will become extremely limited and costly or non-existent, even if your environment is stable and still performing to meet your needs.

End of Life or End of Support Life equipment doesn’t have to mean end of options.

Do you buy a new car every 3 years? Most people don’t – why would you? If your car runs great and gets you where you need to go, you take good care of the car you have now with regular upkeep and maintenance, rather than buying new.

The same way of thinking applies to your data center. And, from adopting cloud or hybrid cloud solutions to making a data center move or completing an acquisition or merger, you’ve got bigger things to accomplish with your IT budget.

Third-party maintenance from a company like Reliant can help you extend the life of your server, storage, and networking hardware, with post-warranty coverage for 1-36 months and no recertification fees.

5. Spending Time Tracking Renewal Dates

Are you struggling to keep track of all your vendor contracts and renewal dates?

If you’re using multiple systems and spreadsheets to manage all of your support contracts, it can be a waste of your time, energy, and resources.

Third-party maintenance providers can help you consolidate the number of contracts you manage for your data center, but what about a permanent solution to guarantee that you never miss a renewal deadline for your support?

There are many IT management softwares out there that can help, but some come at a steep price. A cost-saving option is to find a third-party provider that offers a management solution along with your support. The Reliant Technology Maintenance Platform, for example, is included at no additional cost to our third-party support customers.

The Reliant Technology Maintenance Platform is an intuitive cloud-based platform that will streamline all of your IT administration, from lifecycle management to budget planning and reporting:

  • Add unlimited assets, contracts, and team members.
  • Receive proactive notifications so you never miss a support renewal.
  • Discover EOL and EOSL dates for all your systems.
  • Request competitive quotes on support and upgrades.
  • Open a service ticket, and view your service history.

Third-party maintenance can help you solve all of these challenges for your data center support, saving you time and money along the way.

Connect with an expert at Reliant to discover your options to solve OEM support challenges with third-party maintenance today.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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Reliant Technology Cares

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