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4 minute readThe Top 4 Storage Blogs You Should be Reading Right Now

Keeping current with big trends in data storage is important whether you’re a CTO, sysadmin or logging hours at the help desk. And if your particular IT focus revolves around storage, staying in-the-know is a must if you’re planning to move up the corporate ladder.

Here at Reliant, we stay storage-savvy by reading posts from the smartest engineers and analysts in the industry. Here are four of the very best storage blogs on the net, chosen for their combination of unique perspective and practical advice:


StorageMojo is the blog of Robin Harris, an independent storage sales and marketing consultant.

Harris’ stated mission for StorageMojo is to upend current data storage practices and give back power to end users. To that end, he keeps a running list of storage prices on his site, so buyers can know if they’re getting a fair shake from their vendor.

But what makes StorageMojo unique is Harris’ stance on data storage as a whole. Harris is a true believer in data storage, and considers it a “fundamental enabler of civilization.”  Harris thinks huge shifts are on the horizon for the industry in the next decade, and that the RAID-based storage model is outdated and needs to be replaced with a new paradigm.

Visit StorageMojo

Hu Yoshida

Hu Yoshida is the well-known CTO of Hitachi Data Systems.  If you’re a Hitachi customer or just like to follow high-end storage news, Hu’s Blog is a great source of information that’s updated regularly.

Hu does a fair amount of home team cheerleading for Hitachi, but his blog is still excellent place to read about their products and overall company strategy. And aside from Hitachi-specific info, Hu provides insightful commentary on other industry technologies and storage trends.

Visit Hu Yoshida

Chuck’s Blog

Chuck’s blog is written by Chuck Hollis. A former marketing executive with EMC, Hollis surprised a lot of his readers when he left for a position at Oracle earlier this year.

Chuck’s Blog gives excellent insight to EMC’s positioning and anyone who watches EMC closely would do well to listen to what he has to say.

Some past criticisms of Chuck’s Blog were that it’s not particularly controversial. But Hollis is responsive to comments, and will mix it up with thoughtful posters in the comments section of the blog.

Visit Chuck’s Blog

Drunken Data

DrunkenData is the blog of the outspoken Jon Toigo, CEO and managing principal of Toigo Partners International and chairman of the Data Management Institute.

DrunkenData is definitely not vendor-neutral, and Toigo isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and call out vendors. Sometimes, his biases can pretty blatant, and some in the storage industry have even given him the nickname “Too Ego”.

But whatever your personal opinion of Togo, DrunkenData offers a healthy dose of raw honesty for the vendor community.  Many IT pros like his incendiary style, and he’s a smart guy with a huge amount of knowledge about storage.

DrunkenData is a good read for anyone interested in brutally honest opinions about the storage industry.

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These are just four of our favorite storage-centric blogs. For a list of some of the quality posts we’ve been reading each week, check out our “Reliant Reading List” where we feature the top 5 data storage articles our team has been reading that week. And if you want get in touch to discuss project or just to give us a shout, give us a call at 1.877.227.0828 or reach out to one of our storage and support specialists today.

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by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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