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3 minute readMistakes That Could Be Hurting Your VNX: Part 1

What are the biggest mistakes you can make with a VNX? There are a ton of things that range from not checking performance benchmarks to leaving it sitting in your data center collecting dust. No matter your role in a storage environment, making sure all systems work at peak performance should be a top priority.

Doing this means understanding the dos and don’ts when it comes to that hardware. We asked one of our engineering experts to take us through some common mistakes when it comes to VNX systems. This blog series ranges from technical mistakes to mismanaging the system as a whole. So, what are some common mistakes that could be hurting your VNX?

Mistakes that Hurt Your VNX Performance

Choosing Thin Provisioning Over Thick Provisioning

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of thin and thick provisioning when it comes to allocating storage space. Thin provisioning is basically assigning storage on an as needed basis – based on the minimum required space for any single user at any given time.

For example, say you have 4 team members and you tell each team member they have 1TB of storage available on your VNX array. However, you might not actually have 1TB for each user. Rather, you may have 250GB for those team members.

Thin provisioning allows you to go back and provision storage space as these users need it. The issue comes up if a team member goes over the allotted storage space.

Why Thick Provisioning?

Thick provisioning has a great deal of benefits. This is when you pre-allocate capacity when the disk is created instead of allocating space as you go, like with thin provisioning. While thin provisioning can help you avoid wasting capacity that isn’t being used, thick provisioning offers pros like lower latency and it accounts for future growth.

What Are The Other Mistakes?

Now that you know one of the mistakes that could be hurting your VNX, you can begin to make more informed decisions within your EMC storage system. Want to know some of the other common mistakes that could be hurting your VNX? Stay tuned for part 2!

Want help planning storage capacity within your VNX? Reach out to one of our dedicated storage specialists or give us a call at 1.877.227.0828.


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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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