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4 minute read4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Storage Hardware

When you look at the lifecycle of the equipment within your data center, your timeframe for upgrading or refreshing your equipment may not match the manufacturer’s timetable. The manufacturer will create upgrade cycles based around when they release new products – not necessarily when your organization needs new equipment.

For some businesses, this three-year product life cycle typical of the manufacturer may work perfectly. But, if your organization is like many others where a refresh cycle of four, five, or more years works better, you may be painfully aware of the cost spike to support that equipment with the manufacturer after year three.

1. Bridge the Support Gap

When the OEM maintenance cost spikes after year three in a product’s lifecycle, it is designed to push companies to upgrade the equipment in their data center to the newest generation of product. In reality, support for legacy equipment should be less expensive than the newest products, but this cost increase exists to push upgrades.

Getting support from a third-party maintenance provider instead of the OEM can help keep costs down so that you can have the equipment in your data center as long as you like – not when the OEM tells you to upgrade. However, when there are so many different IT assets in your data center, how do you know which assets to place under third-party support?

2. Save Money with Good Asset Management

You know those servers in the back of the data center that nobody can remember why they’re important but know that they are? Who is in charge of those anyway? Knowing what equipment you have in your data center can help bring to light valuable equipment that had gone forgotten.

It can also show what equipment is still covered under OEM maintenance, what equipment can benefit from being placed onto third-party maintenance, or what equipment should be sold to help recoup its value. Audits can help you find money savings in places you didn’t think to look.

3. Repurpose Your Old Equipment

If you’re able to use your equipment for longer periods of time, you may find ways to repurpose your storage hardware instead of replacing it to continue to extend its value over time. You can consider using the array as a testing or development environment, a backup option, or converting it to a Tier 2 storage platform.

When you repurpose your legacy storage hardware, not only do you extend the value of the equipment, but also can save money on maintenance costs. After repurposing your equipment, you will no longer need a SLA that provides 4-hour on-site response. So, you can save a lot of money on your repurposed storage hardware.

The OEM may not give you the flexibility to switch SLAs, but a third-party support provider can give you the flexibility to choose the SLA that best fits the equipment’s requirements.

4. Sell Your Hardware

Whether you choose to extend the life of your storage hardware with third-party support or repurposing the equipment or upgrading to the latest generation, you still need to figure out what to do with those IT assets.

You can consider selling that surplus storage hardware to recoup some of the initial value. Make sure, however, to sell to a vendor that keeps your data security in mind and meets the compliance standards for your hardware.

Contact Reliant

If you’re looking to continue upgrading your existing storage environment, find third-party support, or sell your surplus storage assets, Reliant Technology can provide those services to your requirements. For more information about storage upgrades, hardware support, or trading in your storage equipment, contact one of Reliant’s storage specialists today by calling 1.877.227.0828.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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