Storage Array Migration

Thinking about buying a PURE storage array? We can help you migrate your data into that array and whittle down your existing assets. Put your current data onto a temporary location to save money for your PURE Purchase. Put your legacy storage under maintenance to save even more time and money.

As your business grows you require new storage infrastructure, If your business is struggling with the inevitable consequence of expansion - data migration - Reliant can help. Traditional migrations are time-consuming, tedious, complex and disruptive, sometimes even to the point of preventing them from happening at all.

We can help.

Data Migration involves the transfer of data from one storage system to another. When considering which method of migration to use, Reliant Technology are experts and can help guide you through the process. Considerations for the type of data – block, file, or both – influences which tools can be used and what technologies and hardware are available. Our customers are our number one consideration when thinking about the best storage configuration or implementation.

Most of the problems are:

  • How to migrate the data from source array into the target array.
  • What is the migration methodology (block-level or file-level migration)?
  • Does it support the physical platform or virtual platform?
  • How long is the service interruption during the storage migration?
  • What are the prerequisites of the data migration, e.g. the firmware of storage, the host
  • bus adapter (HBA) driver on hosts, and the multipath software?
  • What is the storage design of target array?
  • What is the cost of target storage?

Reliant Technology can help soothe these issues and ensure a quality, safe and time-tested method of migration.