Hardware Refresh,
Data Center Design, Hardware Installation

Replacing current hardware with a newer version, or building a Data Center from the ground up, requires a great amount of knowledge. When investing in new hardware solutions for your company, you have to ensure that your new technology is compatible with what currently exists. Or, in the event that IT compatibility is lacking, you must be able to plan ways to replace your existing hardware with appropriate and cost-effective equipment. Whether installing isolated hardware devices, a server, or an entire Data Center, your on-site specifications play a major role in successfully planning your new hardware installation. Reliant Technology will ensure that installation will run smoothly by measuring not only the space, but the doorways through which new hardware must pass. We check power supplies, physical security, and other safety measures. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience and commitment, we are able to help you install your new hardware more efficiently and with fewer risks. We are a full-service IT solutions provider and your on-site technicians will be on hand to ensure everything goes according to plan. We also offer Third Party Maintenance and support services to help you manage your hardware, cost-effectively, throughout its life cycle.

Reliant Technology are the data center experts.

Whether you're choosing new equipment, an equipment refresh, moving from OEM to TPM support, looking to upgrade, looking to get the most out of your original equipment or starting from scratch - we have a plan and the experience and expertise to help you.

Everything from individual parts to full builds, from whole fork-lift upgrades to piece-by-piece peace of mind, from replacing broken drives to ensuring your drives last years longer than expected - we can help.