Data Center Consolidation

Consolidating two or more Data Centers is not an overnight transition nor does it typically happen in one fell swoop.

We help 100s of clients put in a proactive plan to reduce the time and money needed to support aging on-prem infrastructure. We help companies, like you, optimize their transfer of assets or data to a new location by maintaining their obsolete infrastructure's up time, monitor their assets, and optimizing their maintenance contracts creating custom terms to support fixed or floating completion dates. Then we help wipe, dispose and remove their old assets when the transfer is complete.

If you're worried or overwhelmed with the size and scope of moving and consolidation data centers - our team of TPM and Owlytica experts will outfit you with a plan, a direction and a platform to discover, audit and transition assets within data centers. Manage and control maintenance spend during the transition and be seen as a trusted business leader.