Cloud Migration

At some point, some companies will choose to move their Data Centers to the cloud. In the long run this can potentially save money, in terms of labor and hardware costs, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make the migration, and risks are involved. During a migration, Reliant Technology can mitigate risks by taking on the responsibility of Third Party Maintenance and Support. Since the process often takes longer than planned, and during the process warranties may need to be renewed, or EOL and EOSL dates may be hammering at your door, there is no need to feel pressured or lose sleep. You can simply turn to Reliant Technology before you begin the process and rely on our experience performing maintenance and support for thousands of companies over the last 14 years. Time is less of an issue and risks are minimal since you are well cared for during the migration.

Organizations everywhere are moving to the cloud, but there is a problem - it often takes more time and money than originally projected. Amazon calls this the migration bubble when duplicate cloud and legacy environments are running in parallel. Reliant offers a service to reduce the cost to maintain, service, upgrade and support this aging infrastructure, and redirect resources to new cloud-specific projects.

No one wants to throw good money after bad, and as cloud migration projects stretch, legacy infrastructure, such as servers, storage, and networking equipment must be maintained and potentially upgraded to keep up with demand. Maintenance agreements are renewed, decommissioned assets are supported, old technologies are refreshed - all because traditional vendors focus on refreshing technology or renewing agreements.

As an IT manager in charge of a large shift to the cloud, you are probably asking yourself how you can improve the speed and lower the cost of the cloud migration - all while maintaining service levels for legacy infrastructure. Reliant Technology helps you develop a proactive plan to maintain legacy infrastructure, reduce spend, pinpoint dependency risk and shift time from hardware to cloud training, solveing problems before they happen and acting as a change agent for the future.

By reducing the cost to support, maintain and enhance legacy infrastructure as you move to the cloud, CIOs can save money shifting resources from legacy infrastructure to cloud projects. To help IT reduce the time and money it takes to keep legacy systems running, during this transitional state, Reliant offers a service to help. Our 3 Step Process teaches IT teams how to shift assets from premium support, shorten maintenance contracts, upgrade assets with parts vs buying new, and repurpose, redeploy or recycle assets when the time is right. This flexible approach combined with an online platform for easy tracking gives IT teams freedom and margin for error while creating savings that fund the future.