Cisco Support, Hardware & Services

Having helped over 3,100 companies since 2007, Reliant Technology is experienced in knowing the best ways to treat legacy assets, IT Assets still under OEM warranty, warranty checks and warranty renewals, and the hardware that is soon to go EOL/EOSL. We can help with dissolution of unwanted assets, bringing you cash or trade-in allowances.

Cisco Maintenance and Support

Cisco Systems, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells telecommunications equipment. Cisco’s main focus is on networking equipment where they specialize in manufacturing routers, switches, WAN optimization hardware, unified computing, unified fabric, and storage networking equipment.

Reliant offers third-party support as an alternative to Cisco SmartNet for Cisco UCS, Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Nexus, and other Cisco Hardware. 

IT leaders own the critical responsibility of keeping critical business systems safe, secure, and operational. If a system breaks, you have a simple choice: repair it, replace it, or upgrade it. While IT leaders continually weigh the cost/benefit of upgrading a system versus replacing it, many of your systems can remain perfectly healthy for many more years and can serve your needs well into the future. Even if the OEM has stopped making parts, or ended their support of the aging equipment, you still have options.

Cisco Maintenance and Support

Buy extended support for your Cisco blades and interconnects from Reliant Technology. We have custom SLAs, flexible terms, and onsite warranty services available to extend the life of your Cisco and data center infrastructure.

Cisco Network Hardware

Buy pre-owned Cisco UCS Blades, fabric Interconnects, CPUs, memory, along with Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Nexus, and other popular network hardware. Repurposed Cisco equipment can save you 50%, or more, when you purchase from Reliant Technology, compared to Cisco direct, with options to buy refurbished equipment with SmartNet if needed. 

Reliant Professional Services

Reliant Technology offers services to install, move, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco infrastructure. Whether you need assistance with zoning, a data center move, or troubleshooting, Reliant Technology has the expertise to complement your team and make your project a success.

Buy, Sell and Support Cisco Hardware

Cisco UCS

You can find new and refurbished Cisco UCS C220, C240, B200 blades, fabric interconnects, parts, and more, all available from Reliant Technology.

Cisco Catalyst

SmartNet eligible and refurbished Catalyst hardware is available, including Cisco Catalyst 2960, 3850, 3750, 6509, and more.

Cisco Nexus

SmartNet eligible and refurbished Cisco Nexus hardware is available, including Nexus 3000, 5000, 7000, and 9000 lines.

Cisco MDS

SmartNet eligible and refurbished Cisco MDS hardware is available, including Cisco MDS 9148, 9710, 9124, 9250, and more.

Pre-owned Cisco Parts, Components, and Upgrades

Buy Cisco SFPs, 10g LW/SW SFP modules, and more. Chat with a Reliant Technology engineer to discuss your upgrade options.

Sell Your Cisco Hardware

Reliant buys Cisco data center hardware.

Reliant Technology is Here for You

Reliant Technology provides custom SLAs, flexible terms, and onsite warranty services to extend the life of your Fujitsu Data Center equipment and infrastructure.

You can continue to purchase certified pre-owned Fujitsu networking gear, at a discount of 50% or more, compared to those offered by Fujitsu Direct. Reliant Technology’s support and engineering expertise will help you verify the correct system, part, or upgrade, and suggest options available for sourcing both new or pre-owned Fujitsu hardware.

Saving You Money

You can save 50% or more compared to buying directly from Cisco. Third Party Maintenance Optimization, secondary market expertise, and seasoned engineers allow Reliant Technology to save you money.

Support Made Easy

You receive Custom SLAs, co-terminated agreements, and a cloud-based IT asset management platform to make day-to-day management easy.

Streamlined Services

Reliant Technology is able to streamline your services, so you have multi-OEM support, hardware, and expertise from a single vendor, which means one call for your entire EOL infrastructure.

Cisco Direct vs. Reliant Technology

Cisco Direct
Reliant Technology
System Engineering
Professional Services
New Cisco Hardware
Cisco UCS Servers
Cisco Nexus, Catalyst
Cisco MDS
SmartNet Eligible HW
1-12 Month Contracts
Same-Day Quotes
Same-Day Contracts
Same-Day Shipping
US & Global Support
Rental Hardware
Sell Your Hardware
Multi-OEM Support
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