IT Asset Disposition

Photo by Anders Jildén

End-to-end ITAD Services

Reliant Technology provides the complete disposal, disposition, and destruction of end-of-life-cycle IT assets in an economical, secure and environmentally safe manner. We provide ITAD as a managed service, utilizing our vetted partner network, which allows us to provide local service under one contract.

Why Use Reliant Technology for ITAD?

Scalable Service

Reliant partners with the most reputable ITAD companies across the country to provide, fast and efficient service, no matter your location or size of the job. 

15+ Years Experience

Reliant is proud to offer 15+ years of IT services experience with industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings.

Data Destruction Options

We provide multiple secure data destruction methods including Degaussing, Shredding, and DoD compliant wipes.

Security and Compliance

Data Erasure and Data Destruction services provided with certificates to relieve end-user liability concerns.

R2 Certified Recycling

We properly dispose of equipment with no remaining value.


We provide on-site data erasure services worldwide and safe and secure transportation of equipment.

Value Recovery

Consignment options are available to maximize asset recovery value or offset new equipment costs.

Get Cash or Credit for Your Hardware

Do you have surplus storage, server, or networking equipment in your data center? Reliant Technology’s ITAD services offers a convenient and safe way to increase ROI within your data center. Fill out this form and our brokerage team will put together a pricing list for you the same day!