EOL Tracker is now depreciated

Track EOL dates in Owlytica: our Maintenance Optimization Platform

Thank you to our loyal customers used EOL Tracker for the past few years, as times change so do we. Although EOL Tracker is now depreciated, there's good news!

Owlytica Replaces EOL Tracker

Now you can track your assets all in one place - with Owlytica. To get started, see the details below or check out our introduction to Owlytica on our Owlytica Help and Support Page

  • Track EOL dates
  • Optimize renewal of contracts
  • Find savings you didn't know you had
  • Analyze assets across your whole enterprise
  • Full-service ticketing system
  • ServiceNow integrations
  • ...and more!

Owlytica Platform – Giving You Visibility and Control

Owlytica is our free tool that help customers find big savings on maintenance with less effort.

When the details of all your upcoming maintenance renewals, assets, and contracts are located in multiple spreadsheets or systems, it wastes time and money and opens the door to risk.

The Reliant maintenance optimization platform, powered by OwlyticaⓇ, puts you back in control. It consolidates, manages, tracks, plans, and budgets for all hardware assets and maintenance contracts in a single unified platform. What’s more, it sends you proactive alerts so you can view and control pricing.

This sets you up to start planning your equipment maintenance schedule up to 36 months out.