Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Reliant?

  • We make it easy to extend the life of your IT assets, buy hardware and support your IT infrastructure – for up to 80% less. Our engineers make sure you get the right parts and systems with our compatibility and interoperability guarantee. Our sourcing teams save you time and up to 80% by searching 100s of wholesalers for the best pricing and availability for quality hardware. Our third-party support is backed by an intuitive cloud-based platform to track, activate and create tickets for 30+ manufacturers including Dell EMC, HPE, Cisco, NetApp, IBM and more. Our team is dedicated and trained to save you time. We are ready to quote projects, activate maintenance, and ship equipment same day to help you get what you need, when you need it.
  • 100% of our customers have a primary VAR. Our objective is to you options that save you money and extend the life of your legacy infrastructure while complimenting your relationship with the OEM or VAR of your choice. Keep in mind that this isn’t your only project this year, and this probably isn’t all that you’re going to spend, so it’s really about prioritizing and deciding where it makes the most sense to save now so you’re free to spend more on projects in the future. Check out the FAQs below to learn more about us and what we can do for your team.

Third-Party Maintenance

  • Many customers turn to third-party support to solve three challenges: They have equipment that is EOL or EOSL and needs coverage that the manufacturer will not supply. They are in the process of acquisition, cloud migration, or other major projects, and need a short term coverage option. They have budgetary challenges and need to save 50-80% to support their existing server, storage and network hardware. While some companies try to have a 3 year refresh cycle, we find most do not. As equipment falls through the cracks, projects get pushed or budgets get put on hold. TPM often starts off as a part of the maintenance toolkit, and expands as the team becomes more comfortable with the outcomes it can deliver.
  • Reliant Technology offers support services for major data center manufacturers like EMC, NetApp, HP, Cisco, Dell, Juniper, and Sun/Oracle. This makes it easier to consolidate support needs into one contract.
  • We want to make sure we meet our service level agreement while doing what’s right for your team and your operation. We offer several levels of support, designed to fit your needs for response time and budget.
  • All 50 US states, and most global locations in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We have centralized ticketing and call center operations, and we use trusted global partners for specific regions and equipment types.
  • Many customers want the part or upgrade on their schedule, preferring to get the part and just swap it. That’s what Dell does. That’s what IBM does. They just send the customer the part. If that is your preference, we can accommodate you. If you want us to up in the middle of the night and replace the part, or schedule and arrange a time for the technician to meet you at the site, we’ll do that too.
  • We use a combination of in-house, local partners and contract staff to deliver our support. This gives us the flexibility to offer multi-OEM support globally, with a service delivery model that works for our 2500+ customers.

Pre-Owned Data Center Hardware and the Secondary Market

  • The secondary market is a collection of wholesalers (called brokers), leasing companies, distributors, manufacturers, recyclers, banks, financial institutions and more that buy, sell and trade IT equipment. The secondary market gives you more options, not just for parts, but for whole systems configured to your exact specifications
  • Typically, the equipment available on the used or secondary market is one generation back. There are also situations where current generation networking, servers and switches become available. It’s important to know that stock levels can change daily as items are constantly bought, sold and traded.
  • Completely configured server, storage and network systems, along with disk shelves, drives, memory, CPUs and line cards / network ports compatible to your exact specifications. Reliant’s roots are the leading supplier of used data storage in the world, supplying Dell EMC, NetApp, HDS, IBM, HPE storage. Over the years we added additional capabilities for servers (Cisco UCS, HPE, Dell) and networking equipment (Cisco, Brocade and Juniper).
  • New-in-box parts, refurbished and used systems and parts are available.
  • We’re a little different than most of the folks on eBay. Many stores on eBay are a 1-2 person operation flipping parts. At Reliant, we take a consultative approach to make sure our customers’ problems are solved, and we have a pre-sales engineering process to make this happen. If you choose to call us, you’ll hear our team ask you questions about your goals, challenges and ideal outcome. We’ll also ask you about the auto support, logs or current rev of the firmware or software, so we can validate the health and upgrade options available for your system.
  • While Reliant carries stock, we (like Amazon) also depend on a global network of wholesalers to supply our customers with parts, upgrades and components. We also provide the engineering and procurement expertise to make sure the equipment not only meets your timelines, but that it also works with your environment. But when customers ask this question, what they really want to know is: "How soon can you get the equipment here?"

    The questions they don’t ask are: Is it tested? Will it work? Do you have engineers to support me if there are any issues?

    Reliant customers consistently state that speed of delivery, quoting, and service is one of the biggest differences between us and their traditional suppliers.
  • The equipment’s age is in direct relationship to the generation it was released. We make sure engineers have tested all components and systems and wiped any proprietary data, and we overlay our warranty and hardware support on the equipment we supply.
  • We offer forward stocking locations and on-site spares for our hardware maintenance and support customers.
  • To all 50 US states, and most global locations in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Parts

    Most parts can be shipped the same day or next business day. These turnaround times depend on the time of order and the item in question, but most often a quick turnaround is possible.


    1 to 7 days depending on the system. Often for servers or networking hardware where many units are ordered, we can stage the shipment to arrive in “waves,” if your receiving dock can’t accommodate 5-20 pallets of equipment arriving simultaneously. For smaller system orders, the ship time is often dictated by the configuration and supply of the item. There is a greater than 90% probability you will know the estimated ship date when you request a quote, which is typically overnight to 7 days, depending on the item.
  • A part is only as good as its performance, and we know this. That’s why we have our own lab at Reliant, so we make sure to test the equipment prior to shipment.
  • When you get your hardware from Reliant, the software is locked at that OS/firmware, unless the OEM provides that software. We don’t update or sell software for used systems. This is one of the considerations of the used market, and it’s one of the reasons why there is a significant discount on used hardware. One question we do ask our customers is when was the last time you updated the firmware or OS of a system? Often the answer is never.
  • Reliant can assist with both remote on-phone technical assistance as well as on-site engineers to set-up, install, upgrade or troubleshoot a system or upgrade. We follow a standard process and scope a statement of work to make sure deliverables are clear and expectations are met.
  • It’s possible, and there are different channels for support depending on the manufacturer. Cisco, for instance, has a channel to sell used products with SmartNet. EMC does not. However, with the right relationship, you can put the equipment under support. Reliant offers third-party maintenance for any server, storage or networking purchase.
  • They could, although we rarely if ever see OEMs actually doing this. In our experience, the recert fee is often a made up number used by sales teams to persuade customers not to purchase equipment from the secondary market. The important thing to know is that you have options for hardware coverage. Reliant offers hardware support as an alternative to OEM maintenance to give you the coverage you want, without recertification fees.
  • We’ve heard that type of rhetoric , but we’ve never seen that actually be the case. In our experience, there has never been a voided maintenance agreement due to the installation of a working used or new-in-box part. Reliant provides support for the hardware we sell, and we can support the equipment you purchased from other providers that is currently in your data center.

IT Asset Management by Owlytica

  • Tracking and managing EOL/EOSL dates, support contracts, and your budget can be a daunting task. We know, because we’ve been there. That’s why we offer a cloud-based customer platform called Owlytica (Reliant Technology’s Asset Management software). Owlytica lets IT professionals like you gain control and visibility of their infrastructure, with robust reporting, planning and management features. In a nutshell, it’s a comprehensive ITAM platform with everything you need, so you can ditch the spreadsheets and automate your asset and contract management.
  • Here’s the best part: Owlytica is free for all Reliant support customers. Owlytica serves as our comprehensive customer portal. Owlytica holds all of your Reliant assets and contracts so you can stay on top of important details and dates. You’re also free to use Owlytica as your primary ITAM resource, as we’ve made it easy to upload and manage additional assets and contracts so you can track and manage everything in your organization, across multiple locations.
  • Unlimited! We want Owlytica to give you full visibility and control to manage everything, all in one place.

End of Life Questions

  • EOL
    EOL, or “End of Life,” means that EMC will no longer be selling the storage array and will recommend a new system upgrade.
    EOSL, or “End of Service Life,” means that all support, including both primary and extended support options, have ended. It may still be possible to get support from EMC after equipment has gone EOSL, but this will be at a premium cost.
    EOA, or “End of Availability,” means that NetApp will no longer be selling that product. If it is covered under NetApp support, you may still be able to get upgrades for a filer after it is EOA.
    EOS, or “End of Support,” is the date after which NetApp will no longer support the hardware or software for a product that has been discounted in an EOA notice.
  • It’s important to know that you still have options even after your hardware reaches a product lifecycle milestone. Don’t be pressured into a costly hardware refresh based on the OEM’s hardware upgrade schedule. Instead, extend the life of your storage environment by choosing a third party maintenance vendor. Some of Reliant Technology’s support offerings include:
    Flexible SLAs
    Whether you want 24x7x365 coverage or Next-Business-Day parts replacement, Reliant Technology gives you the option to choose. Don’t need level 1 support on all your hardware? No problem. Mix and match your SLAs to craft the support solution that works for you.
    Global Coverage
    Offering 4-hour on-site response times to 99% of the continental United States & Canada, we can maintain and service your equipment anywhere, anytime.Have legacy EMC or NetApp hardware in multiple locations? We’ve got you covered.
    Expert Engineers
    Tired of juggling multiple contracts from various OEM’s? Reliant Technology features a vast service network of internal and field engineers to provide a one-stop shop from the best and brightest engineering minds in the nation.