Certified Pre-Owned Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server

Certified Pre-Owned Sun/Oracle Hardware and Used Server Parts.

Leverage used or pre-owned IT equipment to your advantage. According to the IT Mindsets Study (2018) - 70% of all companies that use IT equipment are interested in using pre-owned data center assets to extend their life of their equipment. We couple this with our unparalleled customer service and Third Party Maintenance options to provide a full-featured service with the following proven benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Fewer OpEx and CapEx concerns
  • Faster turnaround on repairs
  • On-site engineers
  • Spares library
  • Reduced waste
  • ROI maximization planning
  • Reduce downtime
  • Assets that operate "like-new"
  • Flexible options
  • end of life: 6/1/2004
  • end of support: 6/1/2011

Buy a Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server Used or Certified Pre-Owned.

This hardware is in stock.

If you're looking for a missing piece, a replacement part or a regular vendor and don't want to rely on consumer shopping sites or individuals: come to a name you can rely on. 

All our pre-owned equipment comes fully tested and certified by trained technicians in our in-house lab.

Reliant Technology has an extended network of vendors, VARs and engineers who can get you the assets you need in time.

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Get parts for a Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server

We have parts in stock.

From configured server, storage and network systems, to disk shelves, drives, memory, CPUs and line cards / network ports compatible to your exact specifications. 

All our used parts come guaranteed and fully tested and certified.

Reliant’s roots are the leading supplier of used data storage in the world. We offer forward stocking locations and on-site spares.

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Sell a Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server

We buy this hardware.

If you’re upgrading to or from a Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server, Reliant may be able to buy your legacy system from you.

If you need help troubleshooting, Reliant’s engineer support team is willing to assist you with your Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server configuration and setup issues

IT Asset Disposition ➜

Get support and maintenance on a Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server

This hardware is eligible for TPM.

Your Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server may be at End-Of-Life or End-Of-Service-Life meaning that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is no longer supporting it. You could buy a new one, or instead talk to us about extending its life, getting an extended warranty and keeping your assets without the expense or hassle of buying everything new every 3-5 years.

Third Party Maintenance ➜

Third Party Maintenance is cheaper and easier than a forklift upgrade

OEMs are distant, busy, and unreachable. We offer competitive SLAs, on-site spares, 12-month warranties on tens of thousands of products. Our expert team of engineers, consultants, lab technicians and customer success specialists are available to resolve issues, replace failed hardware, find missing parts and offer support and maintenance quickly.

Are you currently using a Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server - if so we can help with upgrades, enhancements, support, maintenance and extended warranties. Fill in a form to get a response within 1 business day, or call us during office hours Eastern Standard Time (EST) to talk to us about your needs.

Get prolonged protection on your Sun/Oracle Sun Netra T 1400 Server today.

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