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4 minute readWhich NetApp Product(s) Work For You?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to which products they use to manage and store their data, whether it be NetApp, EMC, Brocade or Cisco (and yes, the list goes on). The needs – or perhaps experiences – of IT departments vary widely. In the end, many purchasing decisions come down only to preference.

However, you need to consider other items such as requirements for current and future data needs, integration with your current environment, administration and your department or company priorities.

Most IT pros looking for ease of management turn to NetApp products which are known for their plug-and-play usability.

Here is a look at top NetApp products as well as reasons we recommend them. Keep in mind we’re not necessarily reviewing the newest, but the BEST for your money. However, I will touch on the newest products at the end of the article.

1. The DS4243

The DS4243 is all about expansion. You simply need more storage in the form of disk capacity, or you want better performance – and you probably want it now. The DS4243 delivers on all of the above, giving customers a 24-slot disk expansion that allows you to expand NetApp FAS storage arrays. Check out our NetApp bundles site for more information.

2. The DS2246

The DS2246 offers high-capacity and high-performance. In addition, it also offers self-encrypting disk drives plus ultra high performance solid-state drives (SSDs). Shelf options let you optimize for capacity, performance and versatility. Optical SAS interconnects simplify infrastructure while providing industry-leading performance. You also get cross-platform advantages, as the same drives and shelves work across all FAS and V-Series storage platforms. Check out our NetApp bundles site for more information.

3. The DS14MK2 Disk Shelves

The NetApp DS14MK2 disk shelves are 3U with up to 14 drives per shelf. The NetApp DS14MK2 features Fiber Channel 72GB / 144GB / 300GB 10K and 72GB / 144GB / 300GB / 450GB 15K performance disk drives allowing you to expand your NetApp FAS storage arrays with additional disk capacity. Check out our NetApp bundles site for more information.

4. The FAS6000 Series

For large enterprise applications, the NetApp FAS6000 storage devices deliver efficiency when it comes to managing your data, offering innovative software technology and unified storage architecture. If you have demanding technical workloads and need a versatile, scalable and reliable SAN storage solution, the NetApp combines high performance and high efficiency. If you need to protect your mission-critical data with a high-availability, high-bandwidth, and a highly scalable design, the FAS6000 delivers. With regard to economy, the FAS6000 will allow you to consolidate SAN storage, NAS, primary and secondary storage on a single platform.

5. The FAS3100 and FAS3200 Series’

The NetApp FAS3100 and FAS3200 series models are a couple years older, but they absolutely pack a lot of punch with a potent combination of speed and reliability for your dynamic business. Customers get flexibility, performance, availability and are positioned for growth as well as thin provisioning, so no more stranded data.

The NetApp FAS3100 and FAS3200 are highly efficient SAN storage solution with reduced consumption of power, cooling and space.

The NetApp product line is very diverse. The newest product to be introduced by NetApp is the EF550 flash array. Customers of this device get extreme performance and reliability, all the things NetApp is known for.  However, if you just need great performance, and better prices, the above NetApp products can really deliver, and upgrading is easy.

Which NetApp products do you find deliver the best value? 

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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