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3 minute readWhat End-of-Availability (EOA) Means for Your NetApp Hardware

When your NetApp equipment is approaching End of Availability (EOA) or End of Support (EOS), you might be confused on how to renew support for your NetApp hardware.

If you’ve already reached EOA then your options with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are finite. But, the OEM isn’t the only place where you can find viable support choices. Third-party maintenance is a great way to implement more cost-effective long-term support solutions without sacrificing quality of service.

What to do now that Your NetApp Filer is EOA

To make the best decision for your filer, you should know what end of availability means for your hardware. EOA simply means that NetApp has discontinued that system and will no longer be selling that specific piece of hardware.

You may still be able to get spare parts and fill other support needs through NetApp, but hardware EOA directly influences support. While the actual EOS date for your filer may be years away, the EOA date is a good time to look into other support options.

This is because after NetApp designates your hardware EOA, they shift attention to selling newer equipment. This could spell trouble for your organization.

You may be thinking those years you have between the EOA and EOS date will give you plenty of time to research other support choices. But after your hardware is EOA, support quality tends to decline making your previous support contract less valuable.

Furthermore, you may find that you are being guided to upgrade rather than fix issues in your current NetApp filer.

How Third-Party Support Can Help

You may be tempted to renew support with the OEM once your Netapp hardware has been designated end of availability. But due to looming end of support dates, NetApp may not be the best choice for extending your hardware lifespan.

While third-party maintenance offers various benefits as a long-term support provider. One of the biggest perks of moving to an independent support vendor is enjoying premium quality of service without paying premium prices. Should you choose a third-party maintenance vendor, you stand to save anywhere from 30-70% off NetApp support costs.

Besides significant savings, you have the ability to customize your support contact. At Reliant, we offer flexible SLAs which allow you to pick the service that you need for each piece of hardware. Don’t need 24x7x365 support for every piece of hardware? No problem. You decide the level of support that fits your organization’s needs.

Switching to a third-party support vendor could also benefit the rest of your data center. Many third-party maintenance providers support multiple OEMs which allows you to put all your storage hardware under one coterminous maintenance service agreement.

Ready to Renew?

Considering third-party support for your NetApp hardware? As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, Reliant Technology can help you craft a support contract that best fits your organization’s needs. To learn about supporting your NetApp equipment after the end of availability date, reach out  to one of our NetApp storage specialists or call 1.877.227.0828.


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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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