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4 minute readVNX Product Lifecycle Planning Tips

Have you tried to decipher EMC VNX support for Gen 1 systems? The process is made nearly impossible thanks to the vague end of life terminology. Trying to determine when your support is ending is made even more complicated by variables beyond your control.

From the essential EMC VNX support to any extended support options, your product support life cycle varies greatly. You also want to have a backup plan for support after your support ends.

Supporting Your EMC VNX

There is a three-year support window for the original VNXe3300 and VNX series, which includes VNX5100, VNX5300, VNX5500, VNX5700, and VNX7500. It is referred to as the Enhanced Support Option. If you have a VNXe3100 it features a Basic Support Option, also for up to three years of support after date of purchase.

This is not in addition to the Enhanced option; it is in place of. As a result, for most of those customers who have adopted EMC VNX support, the basic and enhanced deadlines have come and gone. However, not all support ends here depending on whether or not you added an extended support feature to your service contract.

Extended Support Options

For those customers who purchased extended support, this is available for 1- and 2-year terms. Depending on when customers purchased EMC VNX they may already be ineligible for support. This is a natural progression that starts with the release of hardware followed by the next generation of the product, which signals the end of life for the original product.

For Gen 1 systems, the end of life began in 2013 when the next generation, Gen 2, was introduced. As such, Gen 1 systems will see the end of the max five years of possible service support by 2018.

There is one last way to extend the support of the EMC VNX Gen 1. EMC provides, according to their discretion, a six-month extended support contract option. The only trouble is at this stage in the evolution to Gen 2, this extended support has little to offer.

It is ideally suited for customers in transition to Gen 2, but whom are in need of support during the process. For typical VNX customers, therefore, this six-month extended support option is merely a temporary salve rather than a full-scale service feature.

EMC VNX Support Alternatives

Thankfully your business doesn’t have to suffer due to support deadlines and extended service options. Rather than depending solely on EMC to provide you with a support solution, consider third party provider.Reliant Technology, for example, can save you 30%-70% more than Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) support.

Furthermore, you want to have a support contract that lasts for the life of the VNX, which is ideally beyond five years. When it comes time to upgrade your current EMC VNX, Reliant can act as a one stop shop for all your support and hardware needs.

Also, don’t forget third party support providers can offer more customization when it comes to getting the support that’s best for your specific environment by offering features like flexible SLAs, on-site spares, and 4-hour response times.

What Now?

These are just a few ways to help you plan your VNX’s lifecycle. One of the most important things to remember in this case is that you have options. Utilizing third party support is a great opportunity to extend the life of your VNX beyond any product lifecycle milestone.

To learn more about our post-warranty support options for VNX and VNXe systems, reach out to one of our storage support specialists or fill out a support pricing request to get started today.


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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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