Used NetApp has a number of useful applications within a storage environment. If you’re looking to add capacity to your production array, NetApp is widely available on the used market and offers a significant discount from what you might pay for new hardware.

1. What are some common usages of used NetApp?

One common usage for used hardware is for backups and disaster recovery. A recent survey we conducted found that 44% of data storage professionals are interested in putting a DR site in place. Certified pre-owned hardware is fully tested, is often off-lease and sometimes has not even been used in the case of surplus sales. If you currently have an older NetApp system, there are a number of usages for that array, including trading or selling that hardware to earn cash towards a new system.

2. My current system is still under warranty by the manufacturer, but they are not able to provide replacement parts. Where can I find them?

Even though NetApp is not able to provide you with replacement parts, a NetApp reseller like Reliant can easily find what you need on the preowned market. Whether you would like to expand your capacity by adding NetApp drives or you need other replacement parts, used NetApp offers a cost advantage while getting you the parts you need.

3. Where I can obtain NetApp replacement parts, even if my hardware has reached end-of-life?

Replacement parts for end-of-life NetApp or other storage hardware are a commodity market; they’re easy to find at low prices. Reliant has a stock of replacement parts in our warehouse, ready to be shipped. If you are having trouble finding a particular part, Reliant has a dedicated team of resources with a vast network. We will source the part for you, saving you time, and have it sent to you directly.Contact Reliant if you need new or used NetApp replacement parts.

If Reliant can help you repurpose your current hardware or find you a deal on some NetApp hardware, contact us.