Do you ever see “NetApps” in place of NetApp and wonder if someone made a spelling error?

It’s hardly a mistake. Up until 2008, NetApp was known by a variety of nicknames including the often-searched abbreviation “NetApps.”

Formerly known as Network Appliance, NetApp has taken an interesting and eventful road to become the NetApp storage hardware brand we know and recognize today.

Network Applications, NetApps, and Other Monikers

Leading up to 2008, Network Appliance worked through about a year’s worth of market research to decide that their name and logo were confusing customers.

With nicknames such as Network Applications, NetApps, and NetApp, the company was having trouble making their company known to end users.

Even the Network Appliance logo seemed to confuse the public. While the three-dimensional circle and square logo were created to depict a spinning NetApp disk drive (as seen above), the significance of the logo became one of the common questions from potential employees and customers.

Realizing their names had become a stumbling block for acquiring new prospects, Network Appliance decided they needed to make a change for the benefit of their company and the consumer.

From NetApps to the NetApp Storage Hardware We Know Today

In March of 2008, Network Appliance rebranded the company with the NetApp moniker we know today. Shortening their name to NetApp, the company officially eliminated their additional nicknames (although a few of the nicknames have continued to linger in market terminology).

According to the NetApp VP of Marketing Elisa Steele, the updated blue logo is inspired by the Arc de Triomphe. The square door-like opening in the NetApp logo symbolizes new opportunities with new customers.

Whether you refer to the company as NetApp, NetApps, or Network Appliance, storage experts and veterans alike recognize NetApp storage hardware as a unified and scalable SAN storage architecture.

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