There are clear benefits to purchasing used NetApp storage hardware, including cost reduction and timely shipping options during manufacturer shortages. In fact, buying used storage can reduce the cost of certain storage solutions by up to 70%.

However, knowing what questions to ask before you make a used NetApp purchase can significantly improve your used hardware experience.

Consider these tips to take advantage of the maximum benefits and get the most out of your used hardware experience.

  1. Ask about quality assurance. Used NetApp hardware from Reliant Technology is rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure hardware quality for the end user. Hardware testing also ensures that the hardware has been wiped clean of data and is ready for shipment.
  2. Used hardware from Reliant Technology is not altered or refurbished in any way, but lab tests and assessment help to ensure that the hardware is data-free before it re-enters the market.

  3. Ask for warranty information. Storage vendors and resellers who back their used NetApp hardware with a warranty demonstrate assurance in the quality of the product.
  4. Look for a storage vendor or reseller who guarantees their storage hardware with a warranty you can trust. Reliant Technology backs their NetApp hardware with a 1-year, 110% warranty. If the hardware fails within the first year of use, Reliant will replace the hardware and give the enterprise a storage credit worth 10% of the hardware value.

  5. Look for maintenance offerings. Maintenance and support is an important component of making a used NetApp equipment purchase. If the NetApp hardware is no longer supported by the manufacturer, third-party maintenance can often provide maintenance and support contracts that meet or exceed the manufacturer service level agreement.
  6. Reliant Technology provides third-party maintenance contracts with flexible, personalized maintenance and support contracts to fit every budget and every timeline. Need 24x7x365 support? Need an On-Site Spare Kit to minimize downtime in your mission critical environment? Reliant Technology can provide the maintenance and support your enterprise needs at a fraction of the manufacturer’s price.

  7. Ask about trade-in or cash offers. Whether you are upgrading your storage hardware with used NetApp equipment or have hardware sitting idle, storage vendors like Reliant Technology will offer cash or hardware credit for your legacy storage hardware.
  8. Taking advantage of a hardware credit for your legacy hardware can reduce the cost of your essential NetApp SAN environment upgrade. Reliant’s asset recovery program provides valuable cash or hardware credit for legacy and used NetApp storage hardware that is in excellent condition. Make your next used hardware purchase affordable when you take advantage of the Asset Recovery program from Reliant Technology.

    Interested in purchasing used NetApp hardware for your enterprise environment? Reliant’s storage experts can help you discover a NetApp storage solution that fits your enterprise needs and your budget constraints. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.