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3 minute readIn the Spotlight: The NetApp DS4243

By Kyle Christopher

Are you looking to expand the capacity of your current NetApp storage array without a system upgrade? A NetApp DS4243 disk shelf can help you add the capacity you need and increase performance without a complete SAN environment upgrade. The NetApp disk expansion unit provides the extra capacity you need to meet increasing data demands and manage future growth. The DS4243 provides greater disk density with the flexibility your enterprise needs and has been announced as the first SAS-based storage enclosed from NetApp.


The NetApp DS4243 supports both NetApp SATA and SAS drives to provide maximum performance in your disk enclosure. The enclosure holds up to 24 SATA or SAS drives and offers speeds of up to 3 Gbps with improved disk density and greater bandwidth when compared to previous generation hardware.

The DS4243 is supported by almost all NetApp FAS arrays, providing functional disk expansion for FAS storage except for the NetApp FAS2020. If you are looking to increase your array performance or simply store more data, the NetApp DS4243 can help you make your SAN environment initiatives a reality.


Released in 2009, the NetApp DS4243 is widely available on the new and used storage hardware market. Prices have dramatically decreased as companies upgrade. The result is that many customers are now able to obtain this excellent expansion much faster and at much lower prices.


If your enterprise needs a performance upgrade, the NetApp DS4243 scales to your desired capacity, providing unified file and block storage to meet the demands of high-performance SAN environments. Features such as Flash Cache and Data ONTAP make NetApp hardware an affordable solution to meet and exceed the needs of your mission-critical storage environment.

Advantages of Used Storage Hardware

If you are of the opinion that used hardware means “useless”, it is important not to let your chickens out of the coup before they have hatched. Used NetApp Storage Hardware provides efficiency, availability, and flexibility while providing the performance your enterprise needs to meet growing data demands. Deploying used NetApp storage solutions can help you do more with less through cost reduction, greater scalability, and improved performance. Used NetApp hardware can provide your business with the performance you need with a lower TCO (total cost of ownership). Used hardware can often save your business as much as 60 – 80% over the cost of new NetApp hardware.

How Can We Help?

NetApp storage hardware is designed to meet the needs of businesses, both large and small. Does your business need high functionality and performance at significantly discounted prices? Reliant can help you significantly reduce the total cost of hardware replacements and upgrades. Contact us at 877.227.0828 for a FREE assessment of your storage infrastructure.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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