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4 minute readSystem Upgrade Series: Planning for a Future Purchase

When considering a purchase, sometimes people forget to ask the obvious – am I buying the right storage array for my infrastructure? For example, if you have a heavily equipped Fibre Channel network, should your array be equipped with Fibre Channel I/O modules? Or do you have an Ethernet iSCSI network and do Ihave the right modules for that? Because there can be a big cost differencebetween a Fibre Channel I/O module and storage array to an iSCSI.

If you have the wrong modules on your system, you may have to call your vendor out to reinitialize the entire storage array. If your storage array is imaged with the Fibre Channel I/Omodules installed, you cannot simply remove the Fibre Channel modules andinstall the iSCSI modules. You will have to re-image the entire SP which can take up to 24 hours.

Getting What You Really Need

 If you need 14TB of useable storage,a sales rep may throw together a quote for a storage array with SATA drives that will have just storage to getyou your 14TB of capacity if you were to install it using RAID 5, 4+1 type configuration on your storage pool. Now, what the sales rep may not tell you is that when you have large disks that are over 1TB in your environment, the best practice recommendation is to use RAID 6, in a 6+2 fashion where you have your 6 SATA disks plus your 2 parities. Now, if you were to use that RAID 6 configuration with the number of disks that were shipped with the array, you would not be able to get the 14TB worth of storage. So, essentially the sales rep may provide a quote that gets you the 14TB of useable storage, but you will have to implement it in a non-best practice configuration.

Another example is that a sales representative will ship you an array that will have all sorts of bells and whistles and things that you don’t really need. They may sell you a completely unified storage array that has the ability to do NAS and replication and other things, but all you really needed was an area to host your data source for VMware. You may be really excited about this new storage array but then wonder,“Wait, how am I going to back all this data up?” 

Your Backup Plan 

Then you must look into your backup plan. Are you going to back up to tape? Are you going to use replication and DRthat data over to another storage array? You need to think about how much eachone of these different options will cost you. And, if you already have a backup platform, does it have enough capacity to handle the amount of storage you just purchase?

Essentially, dot your I’s and cross your T’s to make sure that you are buying exactly what is needed to be installed in your environment.

At Reliant, we want to ensure that you receive what you really need for your storage environment the first time and empower you to make a difference in your organization. Reach out to us if you have any questions orwant to get started on a quote at: Sales@Reliant-Technology.com

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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Reliant Technology Cares

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