Service Express is a TPM pure-play company that works in a variety of sectors, including but not limited to financing, education, healthcare, technology, and government. They currently mainly provide onsite data center support for storage, server, and network equipment. Working alongside individual IT teams, they can assist in controlling overhead costs and optimizing infrastructure strategies.

With headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Service Express currently provides service worldwide and is run by a team of approximately 100 in-house employees. Founded in 1993 with over 500 employees in various locations, Service Express works with companies in various sectors. In addition, there are also 51 subsidiary companies that fall under the umbrella of the Service Express family and assist in a variety of other tech and software needs.

According to one review posted on Reddit, “I’m a Senior Network & Systems Admin in NE Ohio; I use them at my current employer and at my last two employers. They provide a great solution if you need cost-effective extended warranty coverage on computer equipment that is still in production but beyond its first-party warranty.” A second review states, “We use SE for hardware replacement for Cisco, HPE, and 3PAR. For basic replacements such as NBD drive or parts, it is a solid vendor.”

Other reviews mention their “proactive monitoring” of their TPM modules. However, while almost all reviews are positive, there are a couple who recommend that you “shop around” and do mention that other services have “comparable prices, and work just as well.” Even these less than positive reviews don’t report any serious infrastructure or software issues, which would lead one to believe that they have a strong foothold in the industry and deliver quality products and services.

Service Express is also known for its proprietary software tool known as OnDeck. OnDeck is a fully predictive sparing tool that helps eliminate delays for their customers and clients. By predicting when certain systems and parts will need to be replaced or updated, OnDeck can make sure that those parts are ready and waiting at the service center if and when they are needed.

Service Express serves a wide number of product lines. For server maintenance, they can help install, repair, and troubleshoot issues for Dell, Cisco, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Supermicro, and more. For storage and network maintenance, they can service Dell, Cisco, and IBM. They also provide network maintenance for Brocade, Juniper, F5, and HPE.

The wide range of product lines that Service Express provides often sets them apart from other third-party TPM pure-play companies.

While Service Express has clearly shown itself to be a well-rounded and reliable company, there is one major downside that comes along with Service Express and the majority of its competitors, including SEI, Systems Maintenance Services, TERiX, and Park Place.

Even with companies using software such as OnDeck, repairs and maintenance are a time-consuming and lengthy process that will often result in missed

coverage, higher than normal rates, and a sense of frustration between IT professionals and IT service providers. Reliant Technology, however, can bridge this gap and eliminate these programs by using a proactive IT optimization process. This process allows Reliant Technology to consolidate all IT assets and contracts before they actually need the TPM maintenance. This allows Reliant to offer its clients a one-stop shop for upcoming coverage, renewals, and even cheaper and more affordable options for TPM.

So, if you are interested in taking a look at any of the above options, the time is now! If you are looking for a company with the same benefits as Service Express but with added advantages such as our proactive optimization process, Reliant Technology may be the company for you!

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