While EMC is one of the major players in the storage game, there may still be some things that you may not know when it comes to used EMC CLARiiON storage hardware. How much can you save buying used? Does old equipment mean bad equipment? Those are just some of the things we explore today.

Secret 1: Buying used EMC CLARiiON storage can typically save you 30-70% off what you may already be paying.

There are a lot of different things you can do with that type of savings. You could buy 2-3x more capacity with the money. You could upgrade your backup solution. You could get some new VMware tools. Or just pocket the savings! You can gain a lot of flexibility when you buy used EMC CLARiiON storage hardware.

Secret 2: Older equipment doesn’t mean bad equipment.

How old CLARiiON hardware really is depends on the generation of product you are using. CX4 equipment was first released in 2008, while CX generation was released in 2002. But, more important that asking how old the equipment is, is figuring out how risky the equipment is.

In this case, the important thing is to make sure the equipment you buy from knows how to test the equipment and backs it up with a warranty. For information on how Reliant tests its used equipment, check out the information about our Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program.

Secret 3: Used EMC CLARiiON hardware can come from some strange places.

Reliant Technology buys used EMC equipment from mergers, bankruptcies, returns, overstock scenarios, and more. If your company has lightly-used EMC CLARiiON drives, DAEs, or systems, consider looking into our Asset Recovery service where you can trade in your equipment to help you purchase new equipment..

Secret 4: Used CLARiiON hardware has a variety of use cases.

Aside from adding additional capacity and performance to your production environment, used EMC storage hardware has several use cases.

•  Capacity Upgrades: If you are experiencing data growth inside your environment, adding EMC drives into existing or new DAEs can help accommodate the growth.
•  Backup Capacity & Systems: If you are interested in doing snapshots, cloning, or protection methods, you may need to purchase additional capacity or systems due to having data classification and recovery times increased.
•  Disaster Recovery: You could use EMC CLARiiON hardware to store data for various amount of time such as human resources documents, legal documents, or emails.
•  Testing & Development Systems: If you want a segregated environment to protect your production environment while testing out changes to your database or new functionalities, purchasing additional hardware may be necessary.

Secret 5: Used EMC equipment can go by several names.

Used, refurbished, grey market, new in box are all ways that EMC equipment can be sold. What is the difference?

•  Used: Any equipment that has been sold
•  New in Box: Equipment that has been sold, but is unopened or unused.
•  Refurbished: Equipment that has been fixed – cosmetically, repaired, etc.
•  Grey Market: Equipment that was stolen or entered the market through a back channel (overseas distributor selling back to the US).

Secret 6: Used CLARiiON equipment that you get from Reliant Technology will arrive in the same working condition as new hardware straight from the manufacturer.

Reliant Technology only sells equipment that has passed our rigorous 8-step testing process covered through our Reliant Rock-Solid Certification Program. However, in the unlikely event that a piece of hardware goes down, you are covered by a 1-year, next business day replacement warranty.

Are you interested in finding out how your organization can leverage used EMC equipment in order to save money? Reliant Technology helps IT professionals like you architect EMC storage systems and upgrades to help you make a difference within your organization.

To speak with an EMC storage expert about an upcoming project or upgrade, reach out to us through phone (877.227.0828), chat, or email.