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8 minute readReliant Q4 Data Center Insights & Pricing

Have you ever had a problem and just could not find the right solution?

At Reliant, we hear this all the time.

That’s why we want to share with you some projects from Q4 2019, so you can discover some creative ideas for supporting your data center infrastructure.

This report will expose you to different options, ideas and configurations we provide to help customers successfully support their data center infrastructure -with the maintenance, capacity, performance, and uptime needed to get the job done.

(All projects were purchased in Q4 2019, and names have been omitted. Like you, our customers are busy folks and have enough sales people calling them as is. Pricing is subject to the availability of systems, parts, and components. List pricing is based on the 2019 and 2020 list price research.)

Reliant Q4 Insider’s Review

Legal & Security 

A security firm wanted enough storage to ingest footage from 70 cameras, and deal with a change in policy that now requires a 5-year retention period.

After careful analysis of the camera storage requirement, Reliant designed a NetApp solution that was 50% of the expected budget. This allowed the firm to purchase a second system to use for backup.

The result: Enough capacity for 5 years of retention and the peace of mind that comes with a replicated/backed up solution.

2x NetApp FAS 8040 Storage Array
1.9PB Usable Storage (800TB per system)
24 Shelves of 24x 4TB NL-SAS 7.2k Drives (12 Shelves per system)
Professional Services
Reliant 1 Year Maintenance 24x7x4

Reliant Price: $420,000
Estimated List Price: $3,500,000
Customer Savings: $3,080,000

A leader in the legal services industry in acquisition mode wanted to manage and support a heterogeneous storage infrastructure consisting of EMC VNX, Isilon, Data Domain, Hitachi Storage and IBM Storage across 6 data centers.

The result: Reliant designed support contracts for multiple OEMs that lasted for 3 to 12 months, giving the company the flexibility to keep systems that may be discontinued soon after the acquisition and migration was complete. Reliant also managed all of the contracts and assets in Reliant Technology Asset Management a unified portal for asset and contract management, giving the team a unified location to see, store, and act on asset and contract data.

EMC Isilon Maintenance Contract
11 X400 Nodes – 144TB/Each

Reliant Price: $39,000
Estimated List Price: $130,000
Customer Savings: $71,500


A 600-employee hospital had an older VNX 5300 storage system, and were trying to migrate to EMC VNX 5400. The two main technical leads defined the hospital’s goals, and the Reliant worked with its team to review the SPcollect.

After review, the Reliant engineering team decided to design a solution using SAS and NL-SAS drives to solve the performance with 25 bay DAE disk enclosures for the VNX 5400. In addition, the hospital needed 30 Cisco Switches, as a part of the project.

The result: The customer consolidated data from the VNX 5300 to the VNX 5400, simplified administration and was able to obtain the proper Cisco switches within a 2-week lead time.

EMC VNX 5400 Upgrade
3 x DAE Expansion Units
30 x 2TB NL-SAS Drives
25 x 900GB 10K SAS Drives
30x CISCO Catalyst 9300 48 Port Switches

Reliant Hardware Maintenance & Support
Reliant Price: $161,000
Estimated List Price: $400,000
Estimated Pricing from VAR 40% Discount: 240,000
Customer Savings: $79,000

A major healthcare system with over 40 hospitals needed EMC Isilon hardware support and coverage for NetApp eSeries storage support across 34 locations. Onsite spares along with a portal to track assets and the ability to obtain short term coverage for 7 months on some assets, were of extreme importance.

The Result: Reliant designed a solution to protect these assets across multiple data centers and site locations and saved the customer over $200,000. The customer then added additional NetApp FAS storage to the contract.

EMC Isilon NL410 Cluster Support
34x NetAPP eSeries 2800 and 2700 Series Support
Reliant Price: $207,000
Estimated List Price: $430,000(Total between NetApp E-series and Isilon Cluster)
Estimated Pricing from VAR 20% Discount: $385,000
Customer Savings: $213,000 vs. OEM


A major software company saved over $300,000 in less than 1 hour of work. The company wanted to expand 2x EMC Unity systems with 100TB of Usable storage. After approaching EMC, the price received from a local VAR approached $500K. The customer wanted two high-capacity EMC disk shelves of 7.68TB 2.5” disk drives, allowing them to consume less space rack mount space in  two colocated data centers.

The result: Reliant validated configuration and supplied the hardware within a week. The capacity the company needed, along with $300k of additional savings.

EMC Unity Storage Upgrade
2x EMC DAE with 7.6TB 2.5” High Capacity Disk Shelves
Over 165TB’s of Capacity

Reliant Price: $100,000
Estimated List Price: $500,000
Estimated Pricing from VAR 25% Discount: 375,500
Customer Savings: $275,500


A leading university (west of the Mississippi) wanted a flexible support contract to support moving components from unused NetApp storage systems to systems that were experiencing a peak in demand. The systems in demand would need coverage for flexible terms: 3-12 months, and would need the ability to add OR remove disk shelves depending on usage and consumption.

The result: Reliant designed a flexible contract that gives the ability for the university to get the coverage needed at a reduced price.  Coverage and support at a price that makes sense, all resulting in peace of mind and the Reliant Asset Management portal to view assets, contracts across the campus.

NetApp FAS8040 Support 24x7x4
Reliant Price: $192,984
Estimated List Price: $475,000
Estimated Pricing from VAR 20% Discount: 380,400
Customer Savings: $187,416


A global system integration firm working with the Marine Corps had 35x HP DL380 G9 servers that need hardware support in a clearance secure location, so my security clearance was beneficial as a vendor. After reviewing the agreement,  HP told the firm that it had waited too long to renew the contract so HP could not support End of Life gear. In a panic, the firm called Reliant at 9 PM and noted that it needed coverage by midnight – or it would lose funding.

Reliant assessed the situation, compiled a quote and activated the contract at 11:50 PM.

The result: The customer met the budget deadline and the Marine Corp had the coverage needed. Happy Marines. Oorah!

35x HP DL380 G9 Support 24x7x4
Reliant Price: $38,630
Customer Savings: $11,000

Real Estate 

One of America’s largest private real estate holding companies wanted to simplify the administration effort and time it took to manage hardware maintenance contracts. With limited resources the director of it, spent many hours per year reviewing assets, contracts and coordinating with procurement, pulling him off IT related projects which added value.

The result: With Reliant, the team leader consolidated all of the assets onto one simple contract (a co-terminated agreement) where all of the assets support end on the same day.

2 x Dell EMC M630 Server Support
9 x Dell EMC R730 Server Support
2 x Dell EMC R430 Server Support
1 x Dell EMC 2970 Server Support
2 x Dell EMC R630 Server Support
9 x Dell EMC MD1200 Storage Support

Reliant Price: $13,990
Estimated List Price: $58,291
Estimated Pricing from VAR 20% Discount: $46,633
Customer Savings: $32,643

A large national real estate company wanted to simplify IT operations. Over the years, it had purchased 2x Dell Equallogic storage systems, connected via Force 10 Switches. With the systems EOSL (end of service life) the IT team was presented with an EMC Unity solution.

To compare options, the team turned to Reliant and the engineering team collaborated to design a certified pre-owned VNX5400 solution with Cisco Nexus switches.

The result: the customer migrated all data from two legacy systems to the VNX5400, and has ample room to grow, with a savings of $100,000 compared to the Unity solution.

Dell EMC Unified VNX5600 – 22TB Usable
4 x 200GB 2.5” 6G Enterprise Flash Drives – FAST Cache
31 x 900GB 2.5” 6G 10K SAS
2 x Cisco Nexus 5548 Switches
3 Years Reliant 2x7x4 Maintenance

Reliant Price: $47,586
Estimated List Price: $209,140
Estimated Pricing from VAR 40% Discount: $83,656
Customer Savings: $77,898

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by Todd Bennett

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