When it comes time to upgrade your EMC storage systems, what should an enterprise do with the used hardware that is replaced?

Some storage administrators don’t realize that their used EMC hardware has value long after then End-of-Life deadline.

  • Repurpose Used EMC Hardware: When your enterprise decides it’s time for a storage hardware upgrade, it’s also time to consider repurposing your EMC drives, head units, or storage area network infrastructure.
  • Deploying legacy EMC hardware can be a cost-effective way to expand disaster recovery environments, improve test/dev environments, or simply deploy additional capacity in the EMC storage environment.

    If support and maintenance is a concern, don’t get rid of your used EMC hardware just because it has been declared End-of-Life. Legacy EMC hardware can have useful life long after the manufacturer indicates that it’s time for an upgrade. EMC hardware can be deployed with support and maintenance through alternative support plans as long as it continues to meet enterprise needs.

  • Earn Cash or Hardware Credit for Used EMC Gear: Just because your EMC hardware is used doesn’t mean that it lacks value. Recoup the value of your used EMC hardware for cash or hardware credit through the Reliant Technology Asset Recovery program.
  • Asset Recovery programs will buy used and end-of-life EMC hardware that is excellent condition. Upgrading your legacy CX array for a larger EMC CX3-480? You can make your hardware upgrade more affordable by trading in your used EMC storage hardware for cash or hardware credit.

  • Resist the Pressure for Needless Upgrades: Don’t let the OEM pressure your enterprise into needlessly upgrading your EMC environment. Despite the End-of-Life warnings and latest hardware innovations, used EMC hardware should only be upgraded when the hardware no longer meets enterprise requirements for performance and capacity.
  • Reliant Technology wants the end user, not the manufacturer, to decide when an upgrade is necessary. If your EMC hardware has been declared EOL, your hardware can be maintained with affordable third-party maintenance contracts so you can upgrade your SAN hardware on your own timeline.

    Don’t throw away thousands with “rip and replace” upgrades that require you to invest significant capital and resources. Maintain your array with third-party maintenance contracts from Reliant Technology.

Interested in recovering value from your used EMC hardware? Reliant’s team of storage experts can help you recoup capital from your used data storage hardware. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.