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We have expertise in implementing data center strategies and management techniques that reduce costs, but we also integrate best-practice as we go, providing a proactive approach to server maintenance and maximizing the uptime of critical systems. Find out why we’re rapidly becoming the go-to provider for multi-site, multi-data-center environments across the globe.

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New to Third Party Maintenance or “TPM”? 

If you are new to TPM, No problem. We’re here to answer all your questions and ensure the smoothest and easiest experience possible when it comes to picking the right TPM pure play for your company.

What is Third Party Maintenance and what is TPM pure play. 

Explaining these two terms will assist you in getting a better idea of what you need to look for in a third-party maintenance company.

  1. TPM stands for “Third Party Maintenance”. It is essentially a hardware support service that is supplied outside the auspices of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 
  2. TPM pure-play refers to one of the many platforms that assist in third-party maintenance, including ensuring that all pieces and parts of said software are working properly and swiftly. A “pure play” company is one that focuses solely on one product or service. These companies are almost exclusively publicly traded entities.

Now, let’s take a look at Park Place and the pros and cons of this TPM pure-play company.

Park Place Technologies is a third-party TPM that assists with the installation and repair of data center hardware and technology. They provide assistance globally to data centers in over 20 countries. With headquarters operating in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, Park Place Technologies currently has over 70 offices worldwide. 

Founded in 1991, Park Place Technologies and since expanded to over 1,600 employees. Their leadership team is currently composed of Chris Adams, the president and Chief Executive Officer, and Dave Cox, Michael Vedda, and Andrew Gehrlein, who serve as the C-level suite for operation, revenue, and finance respectively. Over 50 employees work at their headquarters currently and assist the chief officers with their leadership roles.

Park Place Technologies is a well-reputed and heavily liked player in the TPM industry. However, even with all their positive reviews, they are not without criticism. 

Let’s start with the positive aspects of Park Place Technologies

Since one of the most common product lines they support is EMC Celerra/Claiiron, many users opt for their next-day delivery, which helps prevent service interruptions. “We had our new hardware in our office just 24 hours after filing a service request with Park Place, which was a huge relief,” says one Reddit user.

Another user says they’ve handled “a tricky DART/FLARE upgrade with skill and ease when our processors screwed up.” Another common product line they support is Dell, for which users say they have “no complaints” and they “work well.” One user even praised Park Place Technologies for “fixing our older Dell hardware with ease and zero complaints, and even offered to assist us in the upgrading process, and come back and fix it if we were having any trouble with our new software.”

Some users do complain about the lack of product lines they support, claiming it’s not as many as a number of their competitors. One calls them “good” but does recommend potential customers “making sure that they will support your product line because they have limited software assistance for certain products”. Others say, “I do wish they would expand and support more products.” The majority of criticism against Park Place Technologies appears to stem from the fact that they support a limited number of product lines.

The main thing that makes Park Place Technologies stand out from its competitors is its utilization of First-Time Fixes software. The “First-Time Fix” is a tool that helps guarantee data centers fast and accurate fixes of their products by using what is known as the Parkview Hardware Monitoring. Parkview Hardware Monitoring helps keep Park Place Technologies proactive by monitoring their data centers 24/7 in order to easily and effectively repair or troubleshoot any and all issues that arise. By using Parkview Hardware Monitoring, Park Place Technologies can assure that all of their data centers with active contracts are being constantly watched and prepped for potential service needs.

TPM Companies often use proprietary software packages to help them better monitor their TPM client’s business. Park Place uses a package called ParkView Hardware Monitoring. This helps them run their TPM business.  Enterprise IT hardware repairs and maintenance are a time-consuming and lengthy process that will often result in missed coverage, higher than normal rates, and a sense of frustration between IT professionals and IT service providers. 


Enterprise IT maintenance can be largely a reactive process that causes missed coverage, high prices, and frustration between IT, procurement, and the business. The worst day in the life of an IT expert is the day their critical systems go down. 

Reliant knows this headache first hand and addresses this through a proactive approach to optimize your IT maintenance process. That’s why, at Reliant, we consolidate all IT assets and contracts before they need maintenance, giving the customer a single pane of glass or dashboard to show upcoming renewals, coverage, and money-saving options. This tool also is a one-stop place for a vast array of asset-specific knowledge and for creating and tracking repair tickets. We call it “Owlytica.”

Reliant Technology can bridge this gap and eliminate these programs by using a proactive IT optimization process. This process allows Reliant to consolidate all IT assets and contracts prior to their clients actually needing any TPM maintenance services. This helps give their clients a one-stop-shop for upcoming coverage, renewals, and even cheaper and more affordable options for TPM.

If you are looking for a company that has the same benefits as Park Place Technologies but with added advantages such as our proactive optimization process – Reliant Technology is the company for you.

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