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3 minute readStorage Vendor Showdown: NetApp vs Nimble

Storage giants like Dell/EMC, IBM, and NetApp have stood the test of time evolving in a changing IT landscape. But the days of only having a few storage vendor options are gone.

Newcomers to the field like Nimble, Pure, and Cohesity continue to disrupt long held data storage practices. Comparing these storage vendors can sometimes feel like apples to oranges. We’re here to give you some insight on the most frequently compared storage competitors.

Since its establishment in 2008, Nimble storage has been compared to NetApp. There’s no flat out answer to which storage vendor is better. Our aim is to give you the information to help you make an educated decision on which vendor would best suit your data center.


Founded in 1992, this storage giant has kept itself relevant in an ever changing data storage industry. Known for having the only truly unified storage platform, clients name ease of use and power as some of the best qualities from NetApp.

Some other benefits from NetApp include:

  1. Stability – IT managers value stability. NetApp has a long history in data storage. The company with the more established proven track record usually wins.
  2. NFS vs iSCSI – When it comes to choosing between NetApp and Nimble this is a top concern for many IT decision makers. Some people are fiercely loyal to File protocol (NFS) while others prefer block (iSCSI). This especially comes into play when factoring in VMWare. NetApp has a slight edge in this category because they offer both file and block so the choice is yours.

  3. Multiple Points of Access – Managing access control is a must for enterprise data centers. NetApp offers role-based access allowing you to designate who has access to which aspects of your environment. With multiple people working within one data center, regulating access will minimize the risk of human error and downtime as a whole.


A relatively new storage provider, Nimble specializes in flash storage solutions. The storage startup is known for their cost efficiency, density, and community platform (Infosight).

Benefits of choosing Nimble include:

  1. Scalability – Nimble chose a Scale Out Scale Up structure for their storage offerings. You have the ability to scale up for performance and scale out for capacity. This makes addressing capacity, performance, and throughput needs especially easy.

  2. Ease of Use – Nimble clients enjoy the convenience of having a single point of management. This gives you the control to manage your primary, secondary, and backup & archive needs.

  3. Cost Efficiency – Closing the price gap between flash performance and lower cost spinning disk made Nimble a standout since 2008.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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