Some of the biggest expenses that companies are dealing with in today’s modern environment have to do with the data centers that they rely so heavily on daily. Everything from equipment repairs to refreshes can be expensive – prohibitively so in some cases – especially if you’re looking at things from the wrong angle. It’s important to understand that, not only is there a way to ease spending during the IT product lifecycle, but also you might even make a few dollars as well – so long as you keep a few key things in mind.

Assessing Value

IT equipment has a very real value to an organization as a whole, especially in terms of the data that it’s storing and the way that its resources are being collectively utilized by employees. That equipment value needs to be weighed against the amount of money that you can potentially make from a resale situation before any type of decisions are made.

As a result, optimal refresh time becomes one of the most important things to pay attention to in today’s world. When that potential resale value levels off and the working value of a particular asset is declining, you need to decide how best to divest it. Keep in mind that just because a particular piece of equipment may be worth it to you doesn’t mean that you can’t sell it and make money. Old IT equipment retains up to 50% of its original value for a total of seven years.

The Benefits of Used Equipment

Another key tip for getting the most out of your money during the IT product lifecycle involves buying used equipment. Not only will used equipment be less expensive than brand new equipment from the manufacturer, but also provides you a way to help extend the life of your storage infrastructure by not being forced into a forklift upgrade on the manufacturer’s timetable, but rather your own.

By adding a simple virtualization layer to an old piece of equipment, for example, you can turn any run of the mill data center hardware into a robust solution that can support the types of diverse apps that you need to further your business’ goals well into the future.

Maintenance & Support

While the manufacturer may be able to provide support for used equipment, third-party support is also an affordable and flexible option for your equipment. With third-party support from Reliant Technology, you can choose the right level of support for you – ranging from 24x7x4-hour response to next-business-day warranty, there is an option for every need. Also, having onsite spares is available with various maintenance and support levels from Reliant Technology.