When we think about storage capacity, it’s easy to scrimp and give just enough, but the question is how much is enough?

 Everyone wants their fair share:

•          DBAs
•          Business Units
•          Testing Groups
•          System Administrators
•          End Users
•          Customers

According to January issue of Storage Magazine, 42% of companies are adding storage capacity this year. The questions are many. . .

Why didn’t they add it in the first place?

Was money the issue?

Was the need there?

Did the technology not support it?

42% of people are now saying I need more and am going through the process of getting more.

When we don’t have enough of whatever (storage, resources, money, popsicles) for our team, it starts to be an energy drain. More energy is lost on the focus of the “not enough”, versus plenty, and in IT, it’s important to build trust with our teams and our users by giving them plenty – plenty of performance, capacity and availability.

The cost of providing just enough can sometimes be greater than the cost of going ahead and giving plenty.

Flickr is now giving their users 1 Terabyte of space. How much are you giving your team, your users, and your customers? Are you creating a culture of abundance or of scarcity?