If you never bought used EMC equipment, I’d like to educate you on a couple of things. One, what does “used equipment” mean? Used equipment doesn’t have to be used at all. It actually can be brand new. Sometimes customers buy equipment and they bought the wrong thing and have to return it. The manufacturer or the distributor won’t accept the return, so they’re stuck. They’ve got to send it somewhere, so Reliant buys that equipment. Used equipment can be older, maybe 7 years old. It could be brand new and just shipped yesterday.

The type of used EMC equipment that we offer is everything from VNX2 to VNX to Clariion, Celerra, Connectrix to SAN equipment, as well as Data Domain equipment. We’ve got a plethora of used EMC equipment that’s available. We provide everything from the systems to the drives to the shelves to allow you to add more capacity or performance to your system.

A couple of misconceptions about used EMC equipment:

1. The first one is that it’s old, or it’s broken. Our company is 7 years old and we rely on repeat customers, so if we sold broken equipment, we wouldn’t have repeat customers. We wouldn’t stay in business. So, the first misconception is that it’s old and it’s broken. We won’t be in business if it’s old and it’s broken. Let me debunk that one.

2. The second one is you can’t get support on it. You can. We support hundreds of customers when it comes to EMC storage. You can get everything from next business day support to 24 by 7 on-site support for EMC hardware.

If you’re looking for used EMC equipment, you’ve got questions, and you want to compare options, contact us at Reliant Technology and hopefully we can answer your questions and give you some options to consider as you grow and expand your storage infrastructure. Sales@Reliant-Technology.com or online at Reliant-Technology.com.