Thanks for checking out this quick video about NetApp disk drives.

If you’re looking for NetApp drives, there’s probably a problem you’re trying to solve. It’s either

  • “I’ve got a capacity problem.” or
  • “I’ve got a performance problem with my NetApp filer.”

There’s probably a few questions you need to ask yourself as you try to make the right selection to buy the right selection to buy the right disk drive for your system.

  • What type of disk drive do I want? SAS? SSD? SATA? Fiber channel? Or something else?
  • How many disk drives do I need to meet my performance objectives?
  • As well as do I need more shelves?
  • Do I need extra cards or cables or maybe something else?
  • Or maybe configure my aggregates in a certain way to meet my objectives?

Those are some of the questions you might ask.

Some misconceptions about disk drives, and specifically NetApp disk drives, is there’s other ways to buy them other than the NetApp resale that you originally bought your filer from.

Reliant Technology is an option for you to buy additional drives, trays, cables, even filers for your NetApp environment.

If you’ve got questions about NetApp disk drives, from sizes, types, prices, configurations, trade-ins, anything around NetApp disk drives, we can help you.

Thanks for checking out the video. I hope this is helpful. If you’ve got any questions, reach out to our team and we’ll be glad to help.