Last week Google demonstrated several new developer-friendly features while also announcing major price reductions for its Google Cloud Platform services.

Urs Hölzle demonstrated Live Migration, a feature which allows customers to seamlessly move virtual machines between data centers without interrupting service. This can be particularly useful in routing around data center outages. 

Utilizing cloud services will be extremely useful for some companies that have the budget to support the investment. As Hölzle said in his blog post summarizing the announcements, “pricing hasn’t followed Moore’s Law: over the past five years, hardware costs improved by 20-30% annually but public cloud prices fell at just 8% per year.”

As part of Google’s price cuts, they announced sustained use discounts which will automatically rewards users running VMs for over 25 percent of any calendar month.

Storage professionals who do not plan to have this type of sustained usage may be more interested in other cost-saving options, such as finding pre-owned storage hardware, or reducing cost of maintenance and support programs

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