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7 minute readWhat End-of-Support (EOS) Means for Your NetApp Hardware

When your NetApp Hardware reaches its End of Support date you will have to make a decision to upgrade or extend the life of your hardware. 

First you must understand what the End of Support date is and what it means for your Data Center. 

At Reliant, we understand the difficulty of managing data center maintenance. We created this article to give you the information you need to make the decision that is best for your company. 

NetApp Hardware EOL

End of Support

Also known as EOS, End of Support is the date that marks your NetApp to no longer be supporting the hardware or software for a product, after that product has been declared EOA.

Although the EOA date is important, the EOS date is usually of most concern to NetApp end users. This is because your EOS date is when your primary and extended support will no longer be offered. Although it does not make sense that you wouldn’t be able to use your product only a few years after purchasing it, this is how NetApp makes a lot of their money…with forcible upgrades

To better understand the difference between EOS vs EOA, let’s take a look at the NetApp product life cycle timeline.

Product Life Cycle Timeline

0-3 years

General availability (GA) and Sale date.

This is when new products are originally sold onto the market. During the GA period, the original manufacturer warranty support is still available.

3-6 years

End of life (EOL) or End of sale (EOS) 

Suddenly, although three years is not enough time to make your equipment “old”, original manufacturers begin issuing EOL (end of life) and EOS (end of service). It is good to note that the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) will typically begin issuing updates regarding EOL in year 5. At this point the original manufacturer will no longer be producing or selling this product. Although this may seem daunting, do not worry about this, as TPM is still available for most products.

What to Do Once Your Hardware Reaches its EOS

Once hardware reaches its end of support date it will no longer be covered leaving you with a few different options. 

Continue without Support

No business should operate without a hardware support plan. Technical hardware issues are to be expected, without support your entire company’s security is at risk. No matter the support plan you choose, every company should have a data center maintenance support plan in place. 

Upgrade Equipment 

NetApp will no longer offer support for the hardware that you operate but they will offer support on new and improved equipment. Once your support contract is up you have the option to enter another long term contract with NetApp. Paying for the newest data center maintenance technology and the support services required to manage it.

Extend the Life of Your Hardware 

Just because NetApp does not offer support for your hardware anymore does not mean that it can’t be covered. Third Party Maintenance offers coverage that will extend the life of your hardware. Your hardware still has more to give and a TPM support plan is what it needs to keep operating smoothly. TPM is a great cost efficient alternative to upgrading hardware. 

Downfalls of NetApp Support

  • NetApp Support may try to convince you to buy new equipment 
  • Will state that your products cannot be used past EOL and EOSL dates.
  • Might not even serve your EOSL equipment. 
  • There are levels to NetApp support. This means you will pay more to have better priority.
  • Only able to work on NetApp equipment.
  • Much more expensive than TPM.

NetApp Support

How Third Party Support Can Help

If you decide to reclaim your power from NetApp, then you need to find a good alternative maintenance provider. This is when you should begin looking at independent support options, such as Reliant. 

There are a great deal of benefits to choosing third party support over OEM maintenance.

Breaking the 5 Year Refresh Cycle

Although NetApp loves to have you purchase new equipment every 3-5 years, this can be expensive and taxing on your IT budget. End of Support doesn’t have to be the end of your equipment, and break the 5 year refresh cycle

By using third party support, you will be able to continue supporting your NetApp hardware well after the OEM declares it EOS.

Increases Return on Investment (ROI)

If you continue to support your NetApp hardware your ROI will be greater. Additionally, by extending the life of your storage system, you will obtain more value in your system, rather than throwing money into upgrading to the newest NetApp hardware.

30%-70% Savings off NetApp Support Costs

If you decide to keep your NetApp hardware, and choose to go through them for support, the costs can be astronomical. Typically, TPM continued support is offered at a much lower price. 

As a third party support provider for over 2,000 customers, Reliant Technology can offer support at a fraction of NetApp maintenance costs while providing the same (or better!) service. Often this equates to anywhere from 30-70% savings! The bottom line is using a third party will allow you to save money.

Invest into Your IT Budget

With all of the savings you will be having from your support, you will eventually be able to take this and use it for other items in your IT budget. Whether that is for new equipment, hiring more employees, or whatever else you want to do in your company. The major difference is that you will use that money when you decide the time is right. Not when your OEM decides.

Take Control of Your Options

It is your money, your business, and your data center. Instead of letting NetApp tell you when your hardware is old and needs to be retired, it is your turn to decide. Take back your power. Avoid a higher premium, avoid expensive options. You own good equipment, use it until you NEED to upgrade.

How Do I Renew Support for my EOS NetApp Equipment?

If you decide to forego the hardware refresh and continue to support your NetApp hardware, you’ll need to reach out to a third party support vendor. Here at Reliant, we take a customer centered approach to maintenance and support. Not only do we learn about your environment and craft a support solution that meets your specific needs, but we offer it at a better price. 

To learn more about our NetApp post-warranty support, SLAs, features, & more, contact one of our dedicated NetApp specialists.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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