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4 minute readEnd-of-Life (EOL) – What it Means for Your EMC VNX Array

If you have a VNX series array in your data center, you may be wondering what the best choice is for your system. Should you continue with EMC support, refresh to a new system entirely, or find other support options? No matter whether your EMC VNX hardware is EOL, EOPS, or EOSL, the key is knowing that you have options.

EOL, EOPS, EOSL… What’s the Difference?

End-of-Life (EOL): EOL, or “End of Life,” means that EMC will no longer be selling the array and will recommend upgrading to a new system. When an EMC array is deemed EOL, that does not mean that you automatically have to do a hardware refresh to the latest generation of equipment.

Instead, third-party support vendors such as Reliant Technology can offer upgrades and support for EMC equipment several years after formal EOL dates. Since many organizations can’t afford to do a complete equipment overhaul every three years, the usual timeframe for EMC’s EOL cycle, having options outside of EMC to upgrade and maintain your equipment can make all the difference.

End-of-Primary-Support (EOPS): EOPS, or “End of Primary Support,” means that the primary support offering from EMC on your equipment is coming to an end. There may be an option available for extended support from EMC, but this support will usually be at a premium.

Instead, you can opt to move your EMC array to a third-party support vendor that can maintain your equipment at the same level as EMC, but at a fraction of the cost.

End-of-Service-Life (EOSL): EOSL, or “End of Service Life,” means that all support, both primary and extended support, has ended. Now, it’s not technically impossible for EMC to continue to support your equipment once it’s EOSL, but this will be at an extremely high cost.

But, EOSL equipment can be put under support from a third-party support provider. Make sure that the support provider you choose has flexible SLA options and coverage so you can choose the support level you really need.

My VNX Hardware is EOL. What Are My Options?

What do you do now that VNX hardware is End-of-Life (EOL)? You have a few different options to consider.

1. Look into extended support from EMC. Extended support from EMC can be provided in 6 month increments for a maximum of 2 years. But, Extended support isn’t always an option, and if it is, it’s usually at a high price.

2. Do a hardware refresh to a new storage array. You could choose to purchase an entirely new array once your equipment is EOL. But, when capacity licensing and new support contracts are tacked onto the price of getting a new array, this can put quite a strain on IT budgets that are already tight.

3. Use Third-Party Maintenance to support your EOL hardware. EMC third-party support providers can continue to maintain your equipment for years after formal EOL dates. Third-party support is also much more affordable at 30-70% less than EMC support costs. Third-Party Maintenance can provide exceptional support service with flexible SLAs that meet or exceed EMC’s SLAs.

What You Need to Know About EMC Third-Party Support

Third-party support providers for EMC hardware offer personalized service with rapid response times, flexible SLA options, and OEM-certified support engineers that are qualified to service multiple OEM brands. Service can be tailored to fit your specific requirements at affordable rates.

As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, you can trust Reliant Technology to provide the best level of support for your EMC hardware at the lowest prices.

To learn more about support offerings for EMC hardware, reach out to one of our EMC storage and support specialists, call us at 1.877.227.0828, or fill out a maintenance pricing request to get started today.

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by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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