Many customers come to us asking about pricing on EMC upgrades. While many storage admins replace hardware based on the age of the device, this is rarely a good indicator based on the fact that many “older” devices are nowhere close to max capacity. In addition, third-party maintenance and support plans give you more options to maintain your current devices for longer and avoid an unnecessary upgrade. The questions below are much better indicators as to when and why you should replace storage hardware.

– What is your anticipated data storage growth for the next 2 – 5 years?

– At what capacity is your current storage array?

-When is your current support agreement up for renewal?

Here are a couple more FAQs about end-of-life hardware…

Can I obtain maintenance and support on my end-of-life hardware?

Yes, you can. Third-party providers will generally support your hardware for as long as you need. Generally, you don’t get this kind of support from the manufacturer since they want you to upgrade.

Can I buy upgrades for End-of-Life EMC hardware?

Upgrades are widely available for end-of-life EMC. Whether you are interested in new or used EMC, EMC hard drives or an upgrade to your EMC CX4 or VNX device, Reliant is an independent EMC reseller that can provide you with cost savings of as much as 80% than what you might from the manufacturer. If you are looking for pricing on EMC upgrades, contact Reliant for a fast quote.