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3 minute readWhy EOL Is NOT the End for Your EMC Storage Hardware

Making sense of complicated terminology and endless EOS, EOSL, and EOL dates can certainly be a challenge. Although vendors will claim otherwise, third party storage vendors will assure you that EOL doesn’t mean dead.

EOL simply changes the way your enterprise should approach future hardware support and maintenance solutions.

If your enterprise wants to conserve budget resources and extend the life cycle of your EMC storage hardware, these questions may help you find a support solution that fits your enterprise needs and financial plan.

What options are available when EMC will no longer support my EOL hardware?

When EMC maintenance contracts can no longer be renewed or are too expensive, enterprises can look to third-party maintenance providers for affordable and dependable EMC support and maintenance.

Third-party maintenance providers can offer support and maintenance solutions for EOL EMC storage hardware. Because third-party vendors will support the hardware for its entire usable life, enterprises can upgrade their hardware when the enterprise, not the manufacturer, is ready to upgrade the EMC SAN environment.

What are my options if an EMC drive or part fails?

After the End-of-Sale date, EMC will no longer sell replacement parts and upgrades for End-of-Life hardware but many third-party storage vendors can continue to provide End-of-Life storage hardware.

Third-party storage vendors make finding rare and hard-to-find EOL EMC storage hardware easier than ever. Need a replacement EMC standby power supply? Established third-party vendors can provide the replacement parts you need long after EMC has stopped selling the part.

What if I want to upgrade my EMC array?

If your enterprise is interested in upgrading your End-of-Life storage hardware, be sure to investigate trade-in options. Legacy and End-of-Life hardware can often be sold to third-party storage providers for cash or hardware credit to help you recover value from your used gear. Your enterprise can make your next hardware purchase more affordable when you utilize Asset Recovery programs from third-party vendors.

Our enterprise has already upgraded hardware in our production environment. Where else can I deploy my EOL hardware?

End-of-Life storage hardware isn’t dead simply because the manufacturer has ended sales and support. EOL EMC hardware can be deployed in a variety of production, test/dev, backup, and disaster recovery environments to expand and improve your SAN environment.

With affordable maintenance and support from a third-party maintenance provider, your legacy hardware can be deployed to create a low-cost solution to add more capacity or create an effective disaster recovery system.

Photo Credit: Steve Rotman, Flickr. CC Licensed.

Interested in learning more about your options surrounding End-of-Life storage hardware? Reliant’s team of storage experts can provide unbiased advice and expert service so you find a EOL solution that fits your needs and budget. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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