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4 minute readEMC SPCollects: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re covered under EMC support or working with a third-party EMC support provider, you’ll hear the term “SPCollect.” What exactly is a SPCollect? How are SPCollects used to help your organization?

EMC SPCollects: It’s All About The Hardware

A SPCollect is a comprehensive zip file that you can pull from your EMC storage array. SPCollects are huge files with many spreadsheet tabs.  These tabs tell your support or hardware provider everything they need to know about your storage array. SPCollects list out all the chassis and also identify any faults or configuration errors..

Why Are SPCollects Important?

There are two main reasons people use SPCollects- support and hardware upgrades. The use will vary depending on whether you’re dealing with support or hardware upgrades. The report itself doesn’t change for support and hardware providers. But, the interpretation of these SPCollect hardware reports yields different information and recommendations.

1. EMC Hardware Support

For support, SPCollects identify faults and issues within your system – even non-critical issues. If the issue is hardware related, that issue would show up within the SPCollect. It identifies exactly what parts failed and gives the part number.

Your support provider then verifies the component that failed within your system. That way they don’t send you the wrong part. So, SPCollects help with hardware support. They help to ensure that when a part does fail, the replacement part that you get fixes the right issue.

2. EMC Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades are another reason you may need a SPCollect from your system. Why, you may ask? What benefit does a list of your existing hardware have when looking to buy hardware upgrades?

Well, SPCollects can tell a hardware provider what your system will support. The report details: capacity, drives, shelf types, types of connectivity, and more. They can understand how upgrades will fit into what you already have, and lets the hardware provider guide you to the best hardware upgrade for your system.

So, let’s give a scenario about how the SPCollect file can help with making sure you get the best hardware upgrades for your EMC systems. Let’s say you’re looking to add a new shelf of drives to your system. Your system is currently only capable of 3Gbps on the data bus. But you’ve placed an order for a product that is 6Gbps on the data bus. You won’t be able to use the 6Gbps.

Your hardware provider should then be able to save you money by scoping out the expansion gear you’re considering.

Want to Know More?

SPCollects are a great way to tell your support and hardware provider everything there is to know about the hardware in your EMC system. Whether you run the report for support or hardware upgrades, knowing how the person on the receiving end uses these reports can empower you to be able to have more direct conversations about their recommendations.  Don’t get pushed into an upgrade that won’t be the best fit for your system.

As the World’s #1 Reseller of Certified Pre-Owned Storage Hardware & Support, Reliant Technology can use an SPCollect to make sure you get the best equipment for your EMC system at the lowest prices.  

To learn more about SPCollects, or to get started with support or upgrades for your EMC hardware, reach out to one of our EMC storage and support specialists today or call 1.877.227.0828 to learn more.


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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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