A storage consolidation strategy can help you get the most out of your EMC SAN hardware, but convincing your executive team to implement it requires a well-planned proposal.

Here are a few tips to help you articulate the benefits of your consolidation strategy in the clearest way possible:

  1. Use general language and non-technical jargon. Communicate the goals of your EMC SAN consolidation project using common language and non-technical terms. Using jargon that all executives understand can help them focus on the goals of the project and not the terminology associated with it.
  2. Talking about the details of compression algorithms and your EMC storage hardware can be too complicated for non-technical business meetings. Address the specific benefits and plans of the project without diving into the technical specifics of the project to make sure your audience stays attentive.

  3. Address potential cost savings and financial advantages over performance and technical advantages. To help your project get a stamp of approval, present information about the financial benefits of your SAN consolidation project and how consolidation can help the IT department do more with less.
  4. Storage consolidation can lower operating costs, improve and increase worker productivity, as well as lower the cost of power and cooling your EMC SAN environment. Be certain to quantify how a consolidated EMC environment could reduce the total cost of ownership as well as create greater hardware savings in the future by reducing EMC hardware upgrades, maintenance, and additional capacity purchases.

  5. Correlate with larger enterprise goals. Identifying benefits in a direct manner that shows how IT growth and improvement can benefit the enterprise operation. Demonstrate how a consolidated EMC environment can help meet future goals of the enterprise while making the most of the storage hardware investment.
  6. Planning an honest discussion about your planned EMC consolidation project can help clearly and directly articulate the benefits that affect both the IT department as well as the business and secure the approval of your executive team.

Considering a consolidation strategy for your EMC SAN environment? Reliant’s team of unbiased storage consultants and expert engineers can provide balanced advice to help you create a solution that meets your needs and your budget constraints. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.