Thanks for checking out this video. We’re talking about EMC pricing.

If you’re looking for pricing for your EMC environment or for your storage project you’re probably trying to solve a particular storage problem. You’ve either got:

– A capacity problem

– An availability problem

– A performance problem or

– You just don’t have much money.

If you’ve got one of those four problems then you might want to ask yourself a few questions about your project to make sure you get the right pricing:

1. How much capacity do I need to have when I roll out this project?

2. What are my performance requirements?

3. What are my availability requirements?

4. Do I need to have extra capacity within the system or the remote site for disaster recovery?

5. Finally, what’s your budget?

If you’re looking for pricing on anything from a VNX, to a VNX2, to a Data Domain system it’s not really cookie-cutter. You can’t just click a button and get a price on a system. You want to make sure it’s customized for your environment.

Configs cost anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000. If you’re looking to save somewhere between 30 and 80% on your next EMC pricing project, Reliant Technology can help.

Give us a call and reach out to one of our consultants. We can architect an upgrade or configuration and help you solve your problems today.