If you’re checking out this video, you’re looking for EMC drives and you probably got a couple of problems you’re trying to solve.

– You’ve got a capacity problem on your storage array.

– You’ve got a performance problem on your storage array.

If you’re looking for disk drives in your EMC system, you’re probably going to have to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What type of EMC hard drives do I want?

2. How many EMC drives do I want?

3. What kind of controller am I attaching these disk drives too?

4. How many shelves do I need and do I need any special cables for those shelves?

You can’t just add an EMC Disk Drive to a system because it might throw your configuration off, so you have to make sure you add the right disk drive at the right time.

There are some misconceptions about disk drives as well from EMC.

Number one is that you have to buy from an EMC reseller. Reliant is an EMC reseller, but we’re an independent EMC reseller and we offer all types of drives, SSD drives down to SATA drives for your environment.

The next is support. We can support those disk drives with an on-site support agreement as well as the next business day parts replacement.

If you’re looking for options, pricing or configuration for your EMC Disk Drives, for your EMC environment, we can help you out. Thanks for watching the video. If you’ve got questions, reach out. We’re glad to help.

Whether you’re looking for EMC Fibre Channel drives, EMC vault drives or other EMC storage, Reliant can help you find the best fit for your environment. We’ll provide you with EMC vault drives best practices and other useful information to help you get the performance and capacity you need.

Contact Reliant at Sales@Reliant-Technology.com.

EMC’s pages are also a useful source of information for EMC drives