By Kyle Christopher

Global IT firm Dimension Data has announced acquiring IT company Nexus, based in Valencia, Calif, as well as plans to quadruple its data center business to $4 billion in the next 5 years.

Dimension Data is one more company among a growing list of companies attempting to expand their reach into cloud storage. This acquisition “expands Dimension Data’s operations in the U.S. by 40 percent and significantly increases the company’s presence in the West, Southwest and Southeast regions of the country,” according to datacenterknowledge.com.

“In all regions and with all clients, large and small, there is an urgent need to undergo the transformation process needed to not only achieve better data center performance and manage disruptive technologies, but to also become progressively greener, in terms of environmental custodianship,” said Steve Joubert, Group Executive for the Data Center Business Unit.

Joubert expounded, “Getting there requires an integrated approach in the secure delivery of workloads and applications across the traditional data center, cloud and the enterprise network, all of which make up the next-generation data center.”

IT managers will continue to weigh the pros and cons of cloud computing. The current trend is toward a “hybrid cloud” solution that uses onsite and offsite storage assets.

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