By Reid Smith-Vaniz, Founder and CEO of Reliant Technology

At the time of print, Reliant is looking for our next great storage architect / engineer. As I looked through the job boards on, Linkedin, and other career sites, I failed to find a simple section about why the job matters.

At the end of the day, isn’t the core purpose the most important thing to you – or to anyone?

Aren’t we all looking for purpose in our work? If you read Daniel Pink’s Drive, the book details that when compensation is fair (market rate) and mutually agreed upon, then satisfaction and true fulfillment in your role at work boils down to three specific things: Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery.

The purpose, impact, or significance of a role can matter as much as salary.

As a Storage Engineer / Architect, you are designing the systems that run our data-centric world. You’ll provide a portion of the infrastructure which allow experts to find a cure for cancer, map DNA, and engineer devices that rid our bodies of sickness. Everybody is somebody, and let me tell you – you matter.

To demonstrate what kind of impact you can have at our company, Reliant has created a section of every job post called, “Why This Role Is Important.” Reliant adds this section so that future team members are crystal clear on why they are significant.

Here is what we put on our latest job description. Although I know that a simple paragraph cannot fully detail the significance of this position, I hope it captures the essence of why our next storage engineer matters to Reliant.

Why This Job Is Important:

Make your mark and step up to be Reliant Technology’s Sr. Storage Architect and Engineer. Share your ideas, problem solving techniques, and experience with hundreds of Reliant clients while acting as our pre-sales technical advisor to our sales team. You will be the point person to help develop new engineering solutions, techniques, and services that can help us service more customers and grow our business.

Just so you know, I think a storage engineer that has excellent communication skills and can architect and implement when necessary is a great individual to have on a team, especially if they come from a heterogeneous background (EMC, NetApp, etc).

By working first-hand with storage technology, you can act as a guide to enrich the lives of both our customers and our people. Your real-world experience can help us fulfill our core purpose—To Enrich Lives – and make a significant impact in the operation of our company.

You matter, and let me tell you – I can’t wait to collaborate with you to take our company to the next level.

Have questions? Know a Storage Engineer who would be a perfect fit for Reliant Technology? Leave a question in the comments section below or check out the Reliant Technology Careers Page to learn more.