Is your enterprise ready to start planning your data migration? Moving to a new data storage system or merging multiple systems after a company acquisition?

Whether your reasons are mergers or simply data storage growth, moving data from one system to another can be a daunting task.

Here are three mistakes to avoid when planning a data migration project:

  • Wait until the end to look for problems. Unfortunately, fixing mistakes after the data migration is complete can be more expensive that correcting them during the process. Consider consistently testing and validating the data being migrated as part of the data migration timeline. By building validations and tests to the project’s schedule, your enterprise can avoid spending precious time and resources fixing migration problems.

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  • Rely solely on tools to get the data migration done. While your IT team may be experts in data, they may not be aware of data migration best practices, governance rules, or have expertise in data management. Instead of relying simply on the migration tool, be sure to investigate best practices and look ahead for potential problems.
  • Assume the project will be on budget. Don’t let lax preparation cause your enterprise to exceed the project budget or project timelines. By bringing business users who understand the data onto the migration project, your enterprise can avoid potential migration issues for people who will be using the data after the migration.

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