By Kyle Christopher

Emerson Network Power recently conducted a survey called the “Data Center 2025 Project.” The project surveyed data center professionals who were asked to imagine what data centers might look like 11 years from now. The consensus was that data centers will be much smaller, and power densities higher with the majority of IT workloads moved to cloud computing platforms.

To put it in perspective, let’s look back 11 years to 2003, the era of the dot-com bust. There was a surplus of data center capacity, rack densities were in the 250 watt to 1.5 kW range, and there was no such thing as social media.

IT pros generally believe that the trend of massive change will continue, with the pace of change increasing exponentially.

Some predictions about the future were not totally surprising; such as increased cloud usage, solar-powered data centers and power densities exceeding 50 kW per rack. Sixty seven percent of survey participants believe “at least sixty percent of computing will be cloud-based in the year 2025.

Fifty eight percent expect that data centers will be half the size of current facilities or smaller ( A percentage of participants believe enterprise data centers will be one-tenth the size of current facilities.

On the other hand, participants didn’t envision major changes with regard to thermal management, with forty-one percent expecting “a combination of air and liquid to be the primary method of data center cooling.” Only 9 percent see the emergence of immersive cooling.

With regard to higher power densities, most believe that the increased density will be met with higher efficiency as well. 

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