Expensive OEM support and maintenance contracts can be a burden on limited IT budgets. Fortunately, third party maintenance contracts can provide affordable alternatives to EMC support and maintenance.

But how do you know when it’s best to switch from a costly, traditional maintenance contract and use a more affordable company for support?

Here are three good reasons to make the switch:

  1. Your Enterprise Would Like to Extend the Life Cycle of EMC Hardware Beyond End-of-Life Dates. When the manufacturer will no longer provide support for EMC storage hardware, many enterprises feel forced to upgrade their hardware in order to receive technical support. Not only is this not helpful, but it can put your business’ strategic spending at risk.
  2. Third party maintenance providers can help you break the mandatory upgrade cycle by providing EMC support and maintenance for the extended life of the hardware. By offering continuous maintenance for your End-of-Life EMC CLARiiON storage hardware at an affordable price, third party maintenance providers allow enterprise to upgrade at their own pace, not on the manufacturer’s timeline.

  3. Your Enterprise Wants Greater Control over Capital Expenses. Whether your IT budget has been reduced or you are simply under pressure to do more with less, third-party maintenance solutions can help you do more with your current budget.
  4. While OEM maintenance contracts can consume large amounts of the IT budget, third-party maintenance solutions can provide service level agreements that meet enterprise needs at up to 40% cost savings. Flexible third-party maintenance contracts that provide next day or 24×7 EMC support and hardware maintenance with affordable pricing, responsive storage consultants, and expert service.

  5. Your Enterprise Wants to Simplify and Consolidate Their Hardware Maintenance Contracts. Managing multiple support contracts, expiration dates, and points of contact increases the complexity of hardware maintenance and makes finding the correct support provider more difficult.
  6. Third-party maintenance providers can provide a single point of contact for replacement parts and a unified maintenance contract to simplify your EMC system support and maintenance so you can focus on the projects that really matter.

Want an alternative maintenance solution for your enterprise SAN environment? Our unbiased storage experts can help you choose the best third-party EMC maintenance and support solution to meet your needs and budget constraints. Talk to a dedicated Reliant Storage Specialist today.