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3 minute readCisco CEO Chuck Robbins Sheds Invicta Storage Line

Cisco’s new CEO Chuck Robbins made the decision to trim Cisco’s Invicta flash storage line from their product offerings. Cisco originally acquired the Invicta storage line when they bought the startup Whiptail in 2013 for $450 million as an effort to compete with industry leader EMC.

Due to the end of their Invicta storage line, nearly all of the Whiptail staff has been laid off, although the details on the number of those affected by the layoffs in uncertain. From the beginning the Invicta product line has suffered from “quality” issues and customer complaints leading Cisco to halt shipments of the arrays in 2014.

According to Business Insider, Cisco closed down Invicta because the organization, “recognized that the Invicta technology would not be able to change in a way that would be required to meet future market needs. Accordingly, we decided now was the right time to announce its End of Life. In doing so, we are able to continue investing in building world-class data center solutions via UCS product innovations.”

In a blog post titled “Cisco’s Next Chapter Starts Today” from July 27, Robbins outlines his view on Cisco’s data focus:

Today is a new day for all of us at Cisco, and I could not be more excited for our future…. In the digital world, data – and the insights from that data – will be the most strategic asset. It will be distributed across every part of our customers’ organizations and ecosystems. The ability to secure, aggregate, automate, and draw insights from the data – with speed – will ultimately define success. For fifty years, the IT industry has been bringing data to the ‘computer.’ Now, we’re bringing computing – with analytics, insights, and actions – to the data.

In addition to pruning the Invicta storage line, Robbins added two Cisco outsiders to his executive team. Zorawar Biri Singh, a former venture capitalist, has been named Cisco VTO and SVP of platforms and Kevin Bandy, a Salesforce.com alum joined the executive team in the role of Chief Digital Officer.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

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