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4 minute readThe Changing Healthcare Data Center

As technology continues to advance, data centers around the world are completely revolutionizing the way that certain organizations operate on a daily basis. The healthcare industry in particular has seen dramatic leaps in the last few years regarding the types of solutions that they employ to do everything from increasing efficiency to provide the best quality of care to patients on a daily basis.

The Data Boom

One of the many reasons why the face of the healthcare data center is changing so rapidly has to do with the technology that is required in today’s modern medical environment. Hospitals in particular require a complex infrastructure for both receiving and reconciling data as quickly as possible. Data types like medical imaging are necessary to not only share relevant patient information between professionals, but also to provide a much-needed context for real-time events to help make the most informed decisions possible regarding the care that these patients are receiving.

According to The Data Center Journal, for example, medical imaging is the most complex challenge that healthcare data centers are currently facing. Between the costs of components and the money required to maintain these systems, medical imaging alone accounts for between 7% and a full 10% of all healthcare costs in 2015. This means that the healthcare industry is spending approximately $100 billion dollars on medical imaging alone – per year.

The Challenges of the Healthcare Data Center

One of the major issues that IT providers are grappling with has to do with not only the volume of data that passes through a healthcare data center, but the complexity of that information as well. Imaging volumes and file sizes are growing at a rapid pace, which actually makes a certain degree of sense. As imaging technology advances, the files themselves naturally get bigger as they store larger and more complex bits of information.

In fact, the average file size of a single imaging procedure was 50 megabytes in 2005. That number increased to 80 megabytes in 2011, with no end in sight. Allocating the appropriate amount of storage space for imaging information will only get more important and not less in the next few years as 3D and 4D imaging practices are adopted, digital pathology images are embraced on a much wider scale, the general population continues to age and more.

Other Factors

A healthcare data center also has to deal with storing all of this necessary information in the safest and most secure manner possible. Not only do healthcare data centers need to operate under full HIPAA compliance at all times, but they also need to take security one step farther to fend of the types of devastating cyber attacks that could expose employees, patients and the organizations themselves to insurmountable harm.

So, What Now?

The reality is that the data center is always changing – whether or not your organization is within the healthcare industry. You have to be prepared for data growth, both planned and unplanned, as well as other factors that may affect your industry. So, what do you do? One easy fix for capacity growth challenges is to try and prepare for what’s ahead using our free Storage & Capacity Planning Checklist.


Also, make sure that you work with a storage provider that understands your industry challenges and how to offer you the best solutions. Reliant Technology has the in-depth product knowledge to provide your organization significant savings and the rapid response required to help your organization succeed.

For more information about Reliant Technology and how we can help provide solutions for your data center, reach out to one of our storage specialists today.

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Reid Smith-Vaniz

by Reid Smith-Vaniz

Reid is the founder and CEO of Reliant Technology and for 14 years has pursued his mission to remove the pain associated with maintaining IT infrastructure. Reid writes on common challenges related to maintaining, servicing, tracking, budgeting, and upgrading technology.

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Reliant Technology Cares

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