Knowing that today’s IT purchases will affect tomorrow’s business performance can make choosing storage hardware even more daunting. Are you building a NetApp storage infrastructure that can handle future data growth while remaining affordable and efficient?

Make your NetApp storage purchases the best that they can be by evaluating this agile data storage checklist:

  • Scalability: Ensure that your NetApp purchases of today include plans for tomorrow. Will your current environment scale to meet the predicted demands on your storage capacity?
  • With data growth as an unpredictable force in the growth equation, deploying unified systems can help your enterprise readily expand grow to meet the changing demands of a SAN environment with multiple protocols.

  • Efficiency: Does your storage system help you optimize the operation of your SAN environment? NetApp storage hardware provides options for deduplication, compression, snapshots, and a variety of other tools to make your SAN equipment work hard for your enterprise.
  • For example, the NetApp FAS3270 (a recent Hardware Spotlight recipient) provides deduplication and compression options so you can get the most muscle from your NetApp storage hardware.

  • Data Protection: Gone are the days when backup and recovery were simply an addition to the SAN environment. Because disasters and data loss can occur at any moment, disaster recovery and data backups should be a permanent and essential fixture in the plans of any enterprise NetApp environment.
  • Legacy and used NetApp gear, like End-of-Life NetApp FAS hardware, can make ideal backup or disaster recovery targets as they provide necessary capacity without the high cost associated with new hardware. Make certain your disaster recovery and backup systems meet the updated needs of your mission-critical SAN without breaking your IT budget.

To continue evaluating your NetApp storage solution, read the rest of the NetApp Agile System checklist.

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