Due to expanding disk capacity and increasing adoption of virtualization, enterprises are facing a myriad of backup and recovery issues.

What backup issue is the most common? According to a recent Storage magazine survey, the biggest backup and recovery problems that enterprises encounter relate to time spent backing up or recovering data.

What Backup Issues Do Enterprises Face?

A year and a half ago, only 46% of survey respondents said that backups took too much time. Today, the landscape has changed; backup times are becoming a larger problem. When asked about what their backup issue they most often experienced, an incredible 61% of respondents told Storage magazine that data backups are taking too much time.

*Storage Magazine, February 2012

What Are Enterprises Doing to Remedy Backup Issues?

Deduplication eliminates redundant data, allowing storage of 10 to 50 times more data in the same physical space. Since 56% of enterprises say that they are concerned with backing up redundant data, deduplication may be a solution that improves the backup and recovery experience.

  • 58% of survey respondents say that they have or plan to implement a deduplication solution in order to make backups easier.

Adding hard drive capacity can help increase the speed of data backups and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Deploying a shelf of high capacity used SATA drives can cost thousands less than purchasing new drives for the same purpose.

  • 58% say they plan to add hard drive capacity to improve their backup and recovery issues. Survey respondents said they will add, on average, 35 TB of disk storage for backup use this year.

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